Launch Alert: Jewels That Steal The Show!

Some of the jewels that caught our eye are a luxurious  line of  Xpandable™ cocktail rings by Picchiotti that can adjust to different finger sizes and the unique Stenzhorn Fortuna high jewellery necklace that features a swallow as the focal point.

Xpandable™ Cocktail Rings!

Picchiotti, the Valenza-based Italian high jewellery brand, recently unveiled Xpandable™ Cocktail collection of stunning rings set with the brand’s signature superlative gemstones.

The Xpandable™ cocktail rings rely on the patented technology that allows the rings to expand and contract, making them comfortable to wear on any finger with no sizing required. This patented design solves the problems of ring sizing and knuckle fitting, while offering luxurious comfort and ease.

Vivid green Zambian emerald and diamond Xpandable™ ring. By Picchiotti

The rings can expand up to 2.5 US sizes, making them easy to slip over the knuckle and fit snugly on the finger. The masterpieces are adorned with the diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds in various shapes and cuts. The Xpandable™ collection is a perfect choice for anyone who appreciates style, versatility, and convenience in their jewellery.

The white gold ring features a marquise fancy brownish yellow diamond flanked by Burmese rubies. By Picchiotti

The prices vary from $10,000 to $370,000, depending on the design and the gemstones used.

“Cocktail rings have again become a symbol of female empowerment, much like they were in the roaring 20s when they emerged during the Prohibition Era as a female self-purchase phenomenon,” says Maria Carola Picchiotti, Marketing Director of Picchiotti. “The new Xpandable™ cocktail rings make glorious gifts, but more importantly, they offer women fun, colourful ways to express their style with luxury, comfort, and ease.”

GRS-certified Sri Lanka purple pink Madagascar unheated pink diamond with a surround of diamonds. By Picchiotti

The Picchiotti Xpandable™ cocktail rings are engineered for durability and comfortable wear. They can also be worn seamlessly with luxury watches or bridal rings and wedding bands. The distinctive new designs are contemporary and fun, while continuing to honour the classic tradition of this internationally esteemed and refined fine jewellery house.


The Stenzhorn House of Jewellery, established in 1979 by the Stenzhorn brothers in Boppard, an ancient German town on the banks of the river Rhine, is famous for its impressive and bold line-up of jewels.

The Fortuna necklace by Stenzhorn

The latest piece de resistance from the brand is the dazzling sapphire and diamond Fortuna necklace is the latest Stenzhorn featuring a graceful swallow in flight draped in sparkling diamonds and deep blue sapphires that echo the iridescent beauty of the bird’s plumage.

As one of the first messengers of spring, each year the swallow returns to its place of birth bringing joy and hope, making it a universal symbol of renewal and good luck in many cultures. The Romans believed the gods could transform themselves into swallows, so channelling this evocative myth, Stenzhorn chose the name, Fortuna, after the Roman goddess of fortune.

To recreate the lightness and delicate elegance of the swallow, Stenzhorn chose custom-cut buff top sapphires to lend the avian a smooth and organic silhouette. The sapphires are prong-set in blackened gold to enhance the deep blue hue and create a seamless flow of rich colour running along the wings. Pear-shaped diamonds, set into white gold, mimic the fluttering feathers of the winged creature. Hidden articulations along the wings and tail bring lifelike movement to the jewellery piece.

Suspended from the creature’s little beak is a pear-shaped blue sapphire, symbolising freedom and new beginnings. A vivid green, emerald eye completes the delightful composition. The swallow is seamlessly integrated into a flexible diamond collier that drapes softly around the neck.

The Fortuna is an excellent example of Stenzhorn’s mastery of high jewellery-making techniques The Fortuna required 700 hours of highly skilled work over four months. Despite its highly sophisticated construction, the Fortuna emanates the joyful simplicity of spring.

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