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Colombia is one of the most renowned sources of emeralds, which are treasured by connoisseurs worldwide. The inner world of the cushion-shape emerald of 8.68 carat (86.9 Gübelin Points) reminded Gübelin Jewellery designers of the waterfalls of the Santa Rosa de Cabal Hot Springs region in Colombia, inspiring them to create the Cascading Springs cocktail ring.  Here’s the storyboard. 

Gübelin Jewellery designers have always been inspired by the inner world of precious gemstones. To explore the inner beauty, fascinating structures, and understand the nature of the gem, they immerse themselves deep into the stones with the aid of a microscope. This Colombian emerald of 8.68 carats reveals elegant, flowing shapes within its depths, reminding designers of a waterfall. 

Homage to the origin 

For centuries, emeralds have been associated with nature, fertility, and youth, while playing a significant role in the creation myths of ancient cultures. Cleopatra, the legendary queen, and last Pharaoh of Egypt is said to have had a weakness for the mystical green gemstones.  

The South American country of Colombia is known for the beauty of its landscapes as well as for its gemstones. Santa Rosa de Cabal Hot Springs is located at an elevation of 1,700 metres. The lush green landscape is noted for its abundant vegetation, waterfalls, and warm thermal springs. Designers associated the saturated greens and flowing shapes found within the emerald’s inner world with this landscape where waterfalls cascade forth from the surrounding jungle.  

The inner world of the 8.68-carat Colombian emerald. 
The inspiration behind the Cascading Springs ring. 

This led to the birth of the Cascading Springs cocktail ring. The centre stone of this sculpturally crafted ring is a cushion-shaped emerald. The ring band evokes the image of a cascade, reflecting the inspiration of the waterfall. Each side of the ring is set with two pear-shaped emeralds, surrounded by a river of diamonds and a pair of rubies. The diamonds were specially cut to fit Cascading Springs and create a brilliant play of light reminiscent of the myriad drops rising from a waterfall’s spray. Diamond baguettes and brilliant-cut diamonds form an entourage and mirror the shape of the pear-shape emeralds.  

Four pear-shaped gemstones were selected to emulate the waterfalls. The pair of pear-shaped emeralds, totalling 2.95 carats, are set on each side with an iconic ruby. With their complementary colours, the ruby and emerald mutually enhance each other’s beauty and generate exciting contrasts. The ruby, so characteristic of Gübelin Jewellery, is elegantly placed to create colourful highlights. Two pear-shape diamonds totalling 1.03 carats, grace each opposite side, nestled in among diamonds featuring a refined mix of cuts.  

Experts bringing the concept alive at the workbench. 

Each of the 240 gems was carefully set by hand in the platinum ring. Talented goldsmiths, gem setters and polishers at Gübelin Jewellery’s own atelier in Lucerne spent over 350 hours completing the cocktail ring.  

Gübelin Gemstone Rating 

The Gübelin Gem Lab offers a new service that allows better orientation and comparability among coloured gemstones. Here, seasoned experts assess the quality, rarity and salience of a coloured gemstone and translate the complex parameters into an easily understandable point value. The cushion-shape emerald was rated by the experts with 86.9 Gübelin Points. This permits more comparability and simultaneously while also increasing security and trust. 

The Colombian emerald is accompanied by a Gemmological Report confirming the origin of the gemstone from Colombia along with a Gemmological Profile, which, together with the scientific data and analyses, contains fascinating background information as well as photomicrographies of the emerald which was examined. 

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