Amaranté Jewels’ Cutting-Edge Creativity

Amaranté Jewels is a distinguished luxury brand of diamond jewellery, founded by the talented husband-and-wife team, Pranita Bhatia Mehta and Nilay Mehta. The brand draws inspiration from the Art Deco era and has been making a mark for its unique ability to fuse vintage aesthetics with modern designs. Pranita Bhatia Mehta provides insights into the flourishing journey of Amaranté Jewels, which has gained recognition in just two years.

Pranita, you were a finance graduate, turned into a Jewellery designer. How did you find your calling in this field?

I have always been inclined towards designing and creativity has always come naturally to me. However, not having a jewellery background limited my opportunities until I met my husband. He is the third generation in his family’s diamond trading and jewellery manufacturing business. He saw potential in my creative abilities and encouraged me to pursue a jewellery design course to hone my skills and unleash my potential.

This decision was one of the best I’ve ever made as it allowed me to follow my passion and calling. It has been an incredible journey so far, and together with my husband, Nilay Mehta, we launched Amaranté Jewels in 2021, hoping to make a mark with our jewellery globally.

Pranita Bhatia Mehta

Tell us more about the USP of the brand? 

At the core of our jewellery lies a distinctive characteristic that sets us apart: the utilisation of fancy cut diamonds. Our designs feature exquisite and unique shaped diamonds, including rose cuts, old cuts, tulip shapes, fancy baguettes, and more. This is what instils our creations with a sense of artful luxury.

What are the major inspirations that help you create your collections? What are the three things that often recur in your themes?   

Vintage jewellery, particularly the type worn by Indian royals, serves as a major source of inspiration for my designs. While I ensure my creations have a modern aesthetic, I also seek to capture some of the old-world charm that vintage jewellery exudes.

Our design language is marked by three key elements. Firstly, we use Art Deco style to infuse our pieces with a touch of glamour. Secondly, we incorporate traditional Indian heritage designs, which lend our jewellery a sense of cultural richness. Lastly, we add fluidity to our pieces.

The Ocean Breeze white gold diamond and pearl bracelet. By Amaranté Jewels

We would like to know your creation process from ideation to realisation? 

There is no fixed process. As a designer, I gather exceptional diamonds and wait for the right moment of inspiration. When creativity sparks, I develop my designs around these exquisite diamonds.

What are the price ranges of your collections?

Our jewellery offerings cater to diverse needs, with both Couture and Prêt collections available. The Couture range features pieces priced from Rs.7 lakhs to Rs.50 lakhs, while the Prêt line offers jewellery priced between Rs.1.5 lakhs and Rs. 6 lakhs.

The white gold ring is dressed in fancy cut diamonds and garnished with pearls. By Amaranté Jewels

Do you have any favourite gemstones? Do you use alternative material, too, other than precious metals?   

Yellow diamonds are my absolute favourite due to their stunning colour and unique character. As for our materials, we use only 18-karat gold.

What is the philosophy of the brand?

As a brand, we aspire to be the new-age family jeweller by establishing meaningful connections with families and crafting exquisite jewellery that can be cherished across generations. Our journey so far has been incredibly fulfilling. One eventually realizes that jewellery is not solely about the materials or craftsmanship; it is primarily about the wearer and their unique story.

Four-row white gold necklace arranged with fancy-cut diamonds complemented by danglers of similar design. By Amaranté Jewels

Who is your target audience? Can you share some insights about consumer preferences?

Our focus is on creating high-quality jewellery using natural diamonds and other precious gemstones, exclusively in 18-karat gold. Therefore, our target audience consists of individuals who seek genuine, top-notch jewellery for both purchase and investment purposes. Additionally, we appeal to customers who appreciate unique and unconventional designs, and who recognise the distinct value inherent in various diamond shapes. These individuals are also part of our target audience.

Do you sell off the shelf or even take bespoke commissions? 

We do launch collections every quarter so there are pieces readily available for purchase. We’re a luxury brand dealing in natural diamond jewellery and cater to bespoke largely and capture specific desires and needs of our clients.

Stylised floral ear studs set with rose cuts, diamonds and tiered pearls. By Amaranté Jewels

Do you have a hybrid retail model? Or do you sell offline only?

Our sales are solely conducted offline, through prior appointments and exclusive exhibitions.

What are your expansion plans? 

We are exploring conversations with multi-designer stores in India and the Middle East to retail our jewellery with them. We are also crafting exquisite jewellery watches and are making concerted efforts to produce Amaranté watches that incorporate Swiss Made watch mechanisms in the near future.


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