An Emerald Feast For The Ears

Elegance meets simplicity in the line-up of artistic emerald earrings designed by Mumbai-based couture brand MSM, named after and managed by Manisha and Saurabh Mody.

The MSM high-end jewellery brand based out of Mumbai is run by the husband-wife duo of Manisha and Saurabh Mody, who place a high design quotient above all else.

Saurabh, a third-generation diamantaire, and Manisha, a student of design, shared a common desire to create unique dialogues with jewels, underscored with immaculate craftsmanship. The couple has been making signature pieces for occasions, catering to private clientele, auction houses, collectors, and galleries.

The brand takes design cues from centuries-old Indian architecture, art and heritage and interprets the grandeur of the bygone years through a contemporary lens. “Design is an integral part of our creative journey; and creativity is an ever-evolving process!” emphasises Saurabh, who shares details about their latest earring collection that celebrates the beauty of emeralds.

Linear white gold earrings with seductive, curvy diamond paisleys suspend lush emeralds terminating with diamond and pearl motifs. By MSM

Tell us more about the new emerald earrings collection.

Emeralds are our favourite among the family of gemstones. Coveted worldwide by consumers, emeralds are associated with a rich cultural significance. We have woven the story around this gemstone in our latest offering. Since we don’t restrict our thought process and are always eager to step out of our comfort zone to elevate ourselves as artists, we prefer to concentrate on creating one-of-a-kind; each piece is special with its own soul. Our jewellery may look simple but the process of manufacturing is always challenging. Each piece has an engineering element and takes a lot of man-hours to justify the outcome.

Carved emeralds take the shape of monstera leaves to form the main motif of these dazzling earrings that are enriched with fancy-cut diamonds. By MSM
The white gold leafy ear studs are patterned with emeralds and fancy-cut diamonds. By MSM

Tell us which emeralds have been used in the line and specify the diamond cuts and price range.

We have used emeralds from the mines of Zambia, Colombia and Panjsher in these earrings. The earrings with the carved melon beads are special to us. The linear earrings have been set with an SRS-certified pair of identical Zamiban emeralds totalling 113 carats with no oil enhancement. It would be challenging to source another pair of this quality with almost clear translucence making it a collector’s item. Apart from brilliant cuts, we have used a melange of fancy-shaped diamonds like rose cuts, step cuts, and diamond beads in the line-up of earrings, which are priced from $25,000 upwards. 

The melon-cut emeralds grace the linear diamond and pearl earrings. By MSM

What is the USP of your brand? 

As a design house, we have always believed that less is more. We strive to design jewels that are simple to wear. As the design culminates into the end product, we try to elevate its simplicity into an art form. This is the true essence of our jewels. As artists we keep abreast with changing trends and continue to nurture our passion for design in the world of fine jewels!   

There is something inherently joyful for us as artists to be a part of a process of jewellery making as these adornments becomes a reflection of a woman’s personality.

The white gold earrings with leafy diamond posts suspend an assortment of fancy-cut diamonds terminating with emerald beads. By MSM

The pandemic forced everyone to go digital and explore new avenues. Tell us more about your company’s strategies to touch base with your clients. Have you switched to online retailing? 

Since there was no physical interaction due to the pandemic, we chose to develop an augmented reality platform where our customers could view our products and interact with us. 

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