Classic Vibes

Saturated with myriad-coloured gemstones, polkis and pearls, these stunning neck pieces skillfully handcrafted in gold are sure to appeal to the bride of today. Solitaire International spots these elaborate jewels from the endless bridal accessories that are being showcased at IIJS Premiere 2022.

The symmetrical necklace juxtaposed with oval motifs of gold and diamond oval motifs and floral emerald beads recreates a stylish narrative for the modern-day bride. By CVM

A row of emerald and polki motifs laced with large stylized curvy flowers is jazzed up with rubies, polkis, diamonds and emerald beads. By Dassani Brothers

Polkis, rubies and pearls breathe life into this attractive multi-row bib arranged with blooming flowers and geometric patterns. By GIE Gold

The scalloped choker is the right choice for the bride of today to stand out on her special day.   Refreshingly red ruby beads, polkis and pearls make it an eye-catching heirloom piece. By Raniwala 1881

Generously set with a profusion of light green emeralds the light, open patterned necklace looks fuller due to the large polki and pearl plaques dotted with rubies. The central pendant focuses on a ruby with floral carvings. By S K Seth Jewellers

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