Exploring Indian Jewellery Craft at IGJS Jaipur: Dallas Prince’s Perspective

Dallas Prince, the creative force behind Dallas Prince Designs, USA, shared her insights on the International Gem & Jewellery Show (IGJS) in Jaipur and its impact on her work. Dallas is an award-winning international designer whose professional life includes 24 years in the Television Home Shopping Industry with live shows in 5 countries.

Tell us your initial impressions about the IGJS Jaipur.

I have so many feelings about this particular IGJS because I haven’t been here before. When it’s your first time somewhere, you want to see absolutely everything. Oddly, I’ve seen more than I ever anticipated for this show. I am a colour girl, and I’m all about the gemstones; I’ve seen more fabulous gemstones than I’ve ever been able to put together in my career. I say that because everyone has given their best at this show, so I look no further. I’m so excited to be here, and I would want anyone else to join us at a show like this.

What opportunities do you see for collaboration or partnerships arising from this event?

Partnerships are an integral part of the jewellery industry as it is the biggest proponent for diversity, inclusion, equity. I think our industry set the bar for these values. I’d collaborate with anyone in this industry because, in my opinion, it’s about the trust of who we are, what we do and how we do it. I’d say that right now, I already have collaborations with 6 or 7 of the manufacturers and stone vendors that I’ve met here at the show, and I look forward to more.

Do you currently work with suppliers from India?

I worked with Indian suppliers for many years, and the embarrassing part is that I hadn’t visited the country until 2023. I always worked online and through apps, utilising CAD with everyone.

I’ve been able to successfully run a very large business with India for a long time. The difference now is that I’ve been here, and it changed everything. Now, I want to work personally with everyone, and that alone will make a huge difference in my business and for my customers.

Is there any particular jewellery craft from India that you have incorporated in your business?

India offers so much – its talented craftsmen, artisans and cutters. There’s a mile long list of what I love about working with India. I incorporate different sides of jewellery into my brand, such as enamelling engraving, and even delicate filigree, all of which are quite challenging to execute. However, India seems to handle all of this with ease, providing these services to the highest degree for me.

Are there any Indian motifs that inspire you?

You know, the motifs in India have a presence, a sense of mobility, signifying that life is movement – and I enjoy that. Everyone here has such energy, and it shows in their jewellery and their cutting, and everything else that they do. It’s a great source of inspiration for me. The people I’ve met are tireless, ageless and simply marvellous. I could probably talk for hours about the people, craftsmen, and jewellery professionals in India.

Tell us about the current trends that you see for the year ahead.

Current trends are now easier to anticipate than ever because the fashion industry leads the way, dictating the colours that will be in vogue. The jewellery industry can closely follow suit, understanding that we’re going to have a floral year. Everywhere you look, there will be flowers – in gold, silver, platinum, carved, enamelled, hand-painted, and even crafted from gemstones themselves. The magnificent part is that it provides us with something timeless to cherish. Flowers never go out of style, at least not in my book.

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