Gem-A Debuts Entry-Level Online Gemmology Qualification, GemIntro

The Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A) has expanded its portfolio of gemmology qualifications with an online-only, entry-level course, GemIntro.

Designed to complement the Association’s existing portfolio of study options, including the internationally recognised Gemmology and Diamond Diplomas, this new beginner’s level course aims to make gemmology education more accessible and, as a result, professionalise wider, trade-related disciplines with accurate, science-based knowledge.

This fully online course leverages contemporary online platforms to disseminate much-needed content quickly and affordably.

Participants will work towards an accredited Ofqual Level 2 qualification, accompanied by a formal Gem-A Certificate.

GemIntro will offer a thorough introduction to the world of gemstones, incorporating 11 lessons, 50+ videos and 30 hours of self-guided study. The syllabus, which focuses on 32 gem materials, was created by the Gem-A’s in-house and external partners to provide a completely interactive and insightful overview of core gemmological principles and key mineral species.

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