Gübelin Gem Museum Opens in Lucerne

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Gübelin, a renowned Swiss family-owned business, has inaugurated the Gübelin Gem Museum in Lucerne, providing a captivating exploration of the world of gemstones. The museum offers visitors an immersive journey into the creation, origin, and allure of coloured gemstones, as well as the rich history of Gübelin since its founding in 1854.

The museum celebrates the centennial anniversary of the Gem Lab, which has been at the forefront of gemstone research since its establishment in 1923. Through the Gem Lab, Gübelin has expanded its knowledge and expertise, delving into the formation, identification, authenticity, and origin of gemstones. The museum also pays tribute to the pioneering work of Eduard Josef Gübelin, a prominent gemmologist, whose research into gemstone inclusions revolutionised the field.

A highlight of the museum is the reference stone collection, one of the most comprehensive collections in the world. Comprising over 28,000 gemstones from commercially relevant mines and depleted sources, this treasure trove of data forms the basis of the Gem Lab’s research.

The museum’s captivating exhibits, multimedia resources, and interactive displays bring the world of gemstones to life, embodying Gübelin’s philosophy of being “Deeply Inspired.”

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