Launch Alert: Of Shine & Splendour

La Marquise Jewellery & Entice By KGK add sparkle to the winter blues.

Lumière by La Marquise Jewellery

Nishith Shah, CEO of La Marquise Jewellery, launched his new collection, Lumière, with a confidence attributable to helming the brand that was launched nearly four decades ago in Dubai. “A feminine name of French origin, Lumière meaning ‘Light’ or ‘Luminous’ resonates with the true nature of how the pieces capture and reflect light. It exudes a warm feeling and encourages one to see the world and its possibilities with endless imagination,” he says.

The Lumière line explores the innately pure character of gold, the singular element, along with diamonds. “The luminosity of gold and the scintillating effect of diamonds is mirrored in the simplicity of the design.” The collection features round, baguette, pear, marquise and princess-cut diamonds across the hoops, rings, bangles, and chain-pendants.

Gold and diamond rings and bangles from the Lumière collection by La Marquise Jewellery.

The design employs a U-shaped setting of diamonds. This, explains Nishith, is a variation of the traditional four-prong setting. “The base forms a ‘U’ and the four prongs support the diamond securing it without a bulky basket. This raised and intricate U-setting of diamonds, along the edge of the precious metal, allows it to breathe easily and protects the polished layer for a longer period,” he says. The high mirror polish reflects light quite beautifully and spotlights both the gold and diamonds. “This was the purpose behind the choice of polish even though it takes extremely long for our craftsmen to achieve this particular finish,” informs Nishith. 

KGK’s Lightweight Diamond Mesh Lines

The century-old KGK Group’s jewellery brand Entice, launched in 2004, is their way of “keeping alive the shining spirit of the brand,” while designing both statement pieces and everyday lightweight diamond creations. The newly-unveiled pieces by Entice plays with “traditional jewellery silhouettes and combines them with old-world aesthetics, modern artistry and Indian heritage.” Diamonds shine bright as accent on bangles, bracelets, cascade earrings and pendants.

Floral gold bangle accented with diamonds. By Entice by KGK.

A classic gold mesh necklace is set with diamonds, while droplets of round-cut white diamonds crafted in rose gold adds a lovely touch to the design. The cluster setting of brilliant and round-cut white diamonds are the highlight of the collection.

The gold ring features a floral burst set with fancy-cut diamonds. By Entice by KGK.

Entice uses its novel round illusion of sparkling diamonds with micro-prong and micro-pave techniques to evoke a cascading effect. Round and marquise-cut white diamonds embellished in the geometric shapes lend a fine appeal to the designs, with the floral bracelets and solitaire rings being the other key pieces of this assortment.

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