Launch Alert: Redefining Luxe Pret

Dior reinvents 30 Montaigne bracelets in leather, while La Marquise’s new collection is inspired by the architecture of the Italian city, Luna.

Dior’s 30 Montaigne bracelets in leather avatars

On model: Dior Cruise 2023 leather bracelet.

Dior embraces a chic look for its 30 Montaigne collection that rediscovers its origins and heritage. Accented with ‘CD’ signatures, the Montaigne series from the Dior Cruise 2023 Women collection reimagines the accessories in leather, while keeping its timeless and elegant appearance.

For the first time, the 30 Montaigne line – dubbed in a reference to the brand’s iconic address – is enriched with a leather bracelet, which is a reflection of Dior’s leatherworking expertise. The refined accessory is dressed in bewitching colours of black, brown, pink and red, which according to the founding-courtier is the “colour of life.”

30 Montaigne double bracelet in rose des vents calfskin and gold-finish metal.

An elegant affirmation of the luxury maison’s style, the double bracelets are embellished with a golden twist clasp featuring the initials “CD” – a tribute to the art of detail so dear to Dior. The bracelets can be paired with other creations from the 30 Montaigne line.

La Marquise’s unveils Luna collection inspired by its namesake Italian city

On model: Luna bracelets by La Marquise

Dubai-based La Marquise’s new collection, launched in mid-January, is intertwined with that of Luna, a city in Italy. During his last visit to Italy, the brand’s CEO, Nishith Shah was much inspired by the architecture in Rome, Vicenza, Florence and Venice – the domes and columns, in particular fascinated him.

“It was interesting to see how the marble had aged and was still very much intact, especially its purity and shine. Upon inquiring about the marble used in those structures, I learned that it was made from marble sourced from the Carrara region. And back in the day, it was transported through the city of Luna,” he explains. The artistic beauty of the shapes and patterns evidenced in columns and pillars inspired the Luna creations. “This collection is inspired by the architecture from the glorious era that stand out with its simplicity and octagonal geometry seen across the Roman columns and pillars, the foundation of historic architecture. These symbols of strength and unity were used to decorate landmarks of importance.”

After extensive research, Nishith and his design team zeroed in on an octagonal shape for the Luna jewels. The line includes 30 pieces rendered in yellow, rose and white gold versions. Featuring rings, earrings, pendants and bangles in six to eight styles and range between $615 (solid gold with diamonds for the slim rings) and $10,900 (for the diamond encrusted triple band bangle).
All the pieces in the collection are set with round brilliant-cut natural white diamonds. “On average, we spend 15% more time in polishing our diamonds. These diamonds are of VS-SI clarity with GH colour and are sourced through Responsible Jewellery Council and Kimberley-Process compliant mines,” he adds. White mother-of-pearl is a key part of the Luna’s design code alongside natural white diamonds. “We have an exclusive white gold iteration encrusted with diamonds but without the mother-of-pearl accent for a more elevated look. All the pieces undergo a 12-step process in our manufacturing facility to ensure each piece we design is timeless,” says Nishith.


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