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Originated during the Chola dynasty, Temple Jewellery is not only admired for its unparalleled beauty, but is also appreciated for being a torchbearer of time-honoured handcrafted techniques.

The finalists of the Artisan Awards’ Temple Jewellery category have retained the traditional aesthetic in their creations, while subtly introducing a contemporary twist. Take a look at these modern-day versions that appeal to the aesthetic sensibilities of the new-age woman.

Gem-studded Temple Jewellery, as the name implies, was initially created to decorate temple idols. As time went by, these intricately detailed jewels were worn by women for adornment and ceremonial reasons. Inspired by sculptures and idols of the temples in the southern region, the jewellery borrowed motifs from nature, including leaves, waves, peacocks, elephant, lotus, and planetary symbols. The gold jewellery mainly employs naqashi work and is embellished with rubies, emeralds and diamonds along with other gemstones.

Designed by Sushil Bhalerao
Manufactured by S.K Seth Co. Jewellers
Designed by Parkkavi Babu
Emerald Jewel Industry India Ltd
Designed by Sharmila Karmonkar
Manufactured by Parth Diamond Pvt. Ltd
Designed by Ritu Pradhan
Junagadh Jewellery Pvt. Ltd
Designed by Bhautik Sakadasriya
Manufactured by EON Jewellery
Designed by Jatin Kohli
Manufactured by Anand Shah
Designed by Santosk Wak
Emerald Jewel Industry India Ltd
Designed by Subir Das
Vasupati Jewellers India Pvt. Ltd
Designed by T. Pushpanathan
Junagadh Jewellery Pvt. Ltd
Designed by Dipak Kumar
Manufactured by CVM
Designed by Subhasis Bhowmik
EON Jewellery
Sushil BhaleraoS.K Seth Co. Jewellers
Jatin KohliAnand Shah
Parkkavi BabuEmerald Jewel Industry India Ltd.
Santosk WakEmerald Jewel Industry India Ltd.
Sharmila KarmonkarParth Diamond Pvt. Ltd.
Subir DasVasupati Jewellers India Pvt. Ltd.
Ritu PradhanJunagadh Jewellery Pvt. Ltd.
T. PushpanathanJunagadh Jewellery Pvt. Ltd.
Bhautik SakadasariyaEON Jewellery
Dipak KumarCVM
Subhasis BhowmikEON Jewellery
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