Pastel Jewels Trending In the US: Sweta Jain

Jewellery designer Sweta Jain, founder and creative head of Goshwara, has taken her jewellery brand to great heights. True to its brand name, the creations of Goshwara (meaning a perfectly proportioned and curvaceous silhouette) are infused with myriad colours from pastels to vibrant shades, and are versatile and seductive!

Sweta Jain is not new to the business of jewellery. Since childhood, she travelled with her father to the African mines, visited cutting factories and was mesmerised by the alluring world of gemstones. Trained in jewellery designing at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, and graduated in GIA, worked with her husband for almost a decade in loose diamonds.  But her passion lay in creating jewellery. She works with several retailers in the US and Europe. We caught up with Sweta for the latest updates from Goshwara: 

Emerald and diamond ear pendants. By Goshwara
Blue chalcedony ring decorated with diamonds in 18-karat white gold and black rhodium. By Goshwara
Blue chalcedony drop earrings framed with diamonds. By Goshwara
Blue chalcedony and diamond ring mounted in gold. By Goshwara
Gold ring set with diamonds and topped with cabochon blue chalcedony. By Goshwara
Jade and emerald diamond earrings. By Goshwara
18-karat yellow gold jade and emerald earrings. By Goshwara

The world came to a standstill for several months last year due the pandemic. We would like to know Goshwara’s journey was during that time.  

Pandemic was a challenging time and totally unprecedented for me, but I made the most of it! I took that time to re-evaluate the business, and its partners. Goshwara already had an online presence pre-pandemic, but now we decided to give it equal attention. My retail partners are still my biggest strength, but online presence definitely helps get the brand recognised a lot more and helps us to add to brand value! 

Did you add any collections during the pandemic?  

Through the lockdown, I continued adding one-of-a-kind pieces to our G-one collection as well as we did quite a few limited addition pieces. Natural jade, blue chalcedony and chrysoprase were a big part of that. 

Do you also sell through retail outlets in the US? Any other markets, too? 

We mainly sell to fine retailers across the United States. We also have an online presence in a few overseas markets such as the UK. We would love to sell in India in the near future. 

Are there any changes in the consumer’s buying pattern in the last one year?  

Most definitely! Consumers are mostly buying more casual, wearable and easy-to-layer pieces. They want to be able to walk to a grocery store or salon with their jewellery … although, we have sold a couple of high-ticket items, and the bigger item sales have been pretty stagnant for the most part. 

What according to you are the prevalent trends in terms of gemstones and cuts?  

For the American market, I sell a mix of faceted and cabochon cuts. In terms of colour, neutrals and pastels do really well for Spring and Summer. Beads are really not sought after at all currently.  

Anything else you may wish to add. 

I strongly believe that we will see a return to dressier styles and bold colour looks within a year … once people are more settled with vaccinations and are willing to be more social. They will want to celebrate and I believe they will choose colour over diamonds to do so!

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