Rings To Unleash Your Inner Glamour

These high-design rings from globally renowned brands redefine elegance and luxury by deviating from the usual path. Elevate your style with these dressy options.

The Enigma Square ring displays a 9.9-carat amethyst encased in an 18-karat yellow gold grid. By OBARI
The Geisha Ring rendered in 18-karat white gold is jazzed up with black mother- of-pearl, diamonds, pink tourmalines, and blue topaz. By Le Trezor
The Vitamin Pink ring crafted in 18-karat rose gold is patterned with mother-of-pearl and bordered with diamonds. By K&CO LONDON
The sleek 14-karat yellow gold band from the Nomad collection spotlights on a kite-cut diamond. By CLAUDIA MAE JEWELRY
The handcrafted Muse ring in 18-karat rose gold is lined with diamonds and features fan-shaped folded finials enhanced with rubies. By KHAYAL FINE JEWELRY
The heart-shaped aquamarine sits pretty in the white gold ring fringed with two rows of diamonds. By La Marquise Jewellery
The 22-karat yellow gold Dome ring is decorated with pink meenakari enamel and polkis. By MANJRIE
The 18-karat white gold Sparkle pinky ring is encrusted with diamonds. By TOi FINE JEWELRY
The 18-karat rose gold My Lady Diamond ring depicts the graceful and charming allure of the bow motif. By NARAYA FINE JEWELRY
Inspired by Qatar’s National Flower called Qataf, the ring articulates the pink, lilac and magenta flowers in 18-karat gold, diamonds, pink sapphires, rubies, and amethyst. By KALTHAM’S PAVILION
The 18-karat yellow gold Color Me Happy ring is infused with diamonds and pink sapphires. By SEEMA SOMANI
The hero of the Serendip 18-karat white gold ring is the 6-carat blue-green tourmaline framed partially with diamonds. By NOORA SHAWQI
The heart-shaped cluster of diamonds adorns the 18-karat yellow gold ring.By AILES



The Spiral ring is crafted in 18-karat gold and saturated with pink sapphires. By STONE FINE JEWELRY 

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