ROX Woos London Shoppers With High-end Handcrafted Diamond Lines

ROX is a distinguished British luxury jeweller renowned for crafting some of the most stunning jewellery in the UK and offering the finest luxury watches from around the globe. The recently opened ROX showroom at the Battersea Power Station development offers a remarkable array of handcrafted diamond jewellery in the hottest new shopping hub in London.  ROX’s Managing Director, Kyron Keogh, discusses the company’s strategic decision to open a new showroom in Central London in an exclusive interview with Solitaire International.

What has been the reception so far to ROX’s opening at Battersea Power Station in central London in December? Why did you decide to open in this neighborhood?

The reception has been super positive, and we’re delighted to be part of the Battersea Power Station development. It’s our first store in London and we love that we can now offer our Diamonds & Thrills philosophy in what is undoubtedly the most exciting retail city in the world.  It’s a massive milestone for the brand.  Since launching ROX our mission has been about disrupting the UK jewellery sector and our latest store launch allows us to bring that ethos to life once again.

ROX founders Kyron Keogh and Grant Mitchell.

What types of jewellery are your best sellers at the showroom, and why do you think these pieces are outperforming?

Our own brand diamond collections are extremely popular and offer the client the chance to buy handcrafted pieces that are completely unique to ROX.  We work with an extremely talented team of in-house designers and artisans to handcraft all our diamond jewellery, and we are proud of the quality and craftsmanship in each and every design. Our CODE and COSMIC collections, two of our newest launches, have been very popular, especially the more stand out pieces such as collars and drop earrings.

Our signature Miss ROX collection has also proved to be extremely popular with London shoppers, who are looking for more trend-driven and affordable options.  Best sellers include our signature diamond initial pendants and stacking earrings and rings, which allow you to curate unique looks with delicate stacking diamond pieces.

Jewellery display at ROX showroom in Central London.

How are sales of lab-grown diamond jewellery performing, versus sales of natural diamond jewellery? What are the differences in the typical profiles of the customers of natural and lab-grown diamond jewellery at the store?

We are really pleased with how our lab-grown category is performing across all our stores.  We like to be able to offer our engagement ring clients as much choice and variety as possible and the lab-grown collections add another dimension to our offer.

It simply offers more choice to suit all tastes and budgets and we have placed the exact same emphasis on design and craftsmanship that we do on our natural diamond rings. Our latest designs offer flawless sparkle at very affordable prices.

How important are sales of engagement ring jewellery for the Battersea Power Station retail outlet? Is the bespoke portion of this business growing? Are most sales in this segment bespoke? Is bespoke business one of your top priorities?

Engagement ring sales have always been a core part of our business, and they continue to be as we grow and expand.

We pride ourselves on being one of the leading independent British jewellery retailers specialising in engagement rings. As an award-winning British jeweller, we know what it takes to find a beautiful diamond and have built an enviable reputation for creating the finest engagement rings.

Our designers are exceptional, and this has definitely helped us to establish a bespoke service that has grown in popularity in recent years, and we collaborate with the client from the outset of the design process.

Whether you’re customising an existing design or exploring something bespoke from scratch, fine jewellery is likely to be one of the most personal purchases a client will make, so we really focus on making the process as personalised and enjoyable as possible.

Image credit: © ROX

Would you call the Battersea Power Station store a destination outlet, or does it serve mainly the fast-growing local demographic? What types of residents tend to live nearby? Are they often from overseas, with London just one of their homes?

The scheme is so unique, and it’s really established itself as a premier shopping destination in London.

The leisure and dining offer has really expanded in the last few months, and it’s become a “must visit” destination in the city.

The high-quality residential property on the doorstep creates a captive audience of shoppers, but it’s definitely a destination for shoppers from all over London, the UK and internationally.

What are your future plans for the ROX Battersea Power Station retail business?

We love having a London store and the Battersea Power Station development is thriving and constantly expanding with more and more world class brands joining the portfolio, ultimately driving more footfall into the scheme.

Throughout 2024 we will take part in lots of events at the power station and have exciting shoots and collaborations planned for this year too in London.

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