Shreenath Gems Displays 50 Types of Gemstones at Signature

ANKIT KHANDELWAL, Partner, Shreenath Gems, Jaipur, brings varied designer gem suites and fancycut gemstones to IIJS Signature.

Can you also give us more details about your company?

We have 20 years of experience in the manufacturing precious and semiprecious gemstones based in Jaipur. We have an in-house lapidary, and we deal in more than 50 types of gemstones in all qualities and grades offering competitive prices. Our aim is to have a long-term relationship with our customers by building and maintaining their trust and satisfaction. Every gem is handcrafted with hard work, love and patience of our artisans.

What are you going to showcase at IIJS Signature?

We, at Shreenath Gems, always have a designer’s perspective while manufacturing and sourcing gemstones. This year we are going back to the ancient Indian art of gem carvings combined with beads, cabochons, tumbles, cut stone, or even standalone gems that is bound to add a new level of beauty to designer jewellery.

Since when have you been taking part in IIJS? How does participating in IIJS help your business?

We have been taking part in IIJS since 2005. IIJS has introduced us to customers across India. The show has helped us in building long-term clients and has helped our business grow to newer heights.

Which are your strong domestic and export markets?

Apart from Jaipur, our domestic markets include Mumbai, Hyderabad and the southern regions. Our export market is mainly the USA.

You specialize in gem carvings as well. How have you managed to keep the art of carving alive? How many artisans do you have currently?

We have an in-house manufacturing unit with a workforce of 20 artisans. We have been constantly evolving the art of carving to suit our domestic and international clients. Apart from the 3 big gems — ruby, emerald and sapphire, which have been traditionally used for carving — we have introduced carvings in aquamarine, morganite, kunzite, tanzanite, topaz etc.


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