Syna’s Vivid Renditions Capture The Heart!

Who doesn’t want a little bit of colour healing our mind, body and spirit? Look no further. US fine jewellery brand’s latest collections are designed for those in search of some joie de vivre.

US-based fine jewellery brand Syna (meaning together) has exhibited a unique design aesthetic that’s effortlessly cool over its nearly two-decade-long journey. Namrata and Dharmesh Kothari, founders of Syna, feel that it is a constant endeavour to keep the creative passion alive, almost a 24 x 7 job. They have a vast range of collections (most infused with a splash of colourful gemstones) – each one vastly different from the other but exuding the same sense of high style.

Cosmic ear pendants in 18-karat gold set with blue topaz and champagne diamonds. By Syna
Cosmic gold earrings set with Chrysoprase and diamonds. By Syna
Jardin pink opal floral ear studs in gold and diamonds. By Syna
Black coral diamond earrings. By Syna

At the heart of each Syna bejewelled piece lays an interesting narrative or inspiration based on the slice of history or culture. Syna’s collections are sold in most high-end retail stores across the US. We caught up with Dharmesh Kothari for his insights on the American market.

Tell us about the latest additions from Syna. You have a gamut of sub categories from Mogul to Jardin and Candy to Chakra and more, each having a different design lexicon; how do you achieve that?

There are always little things everywhere that gets us excited and thinking. We love seeing how one inspiration fuses into another all the time. Transforming these moments of experiences into concrete elements for our brand has always been our method.

Inspired by these discoveries, we have built the different “worlds” of Syna, which allow us to play and explore without limiting ourselves to any one style. We are working 24/7 on our designs and are blessed to have this opportunity to translate each moment and discovery into wearable art.

Both, Namrata and I are constantly thinking about our designs and these worlds help us streamline our thoughts and inspirations all the time. Each Syna piece has a little story, a little fragment of historical design and culture, all modernised to work timelessly for many wardrobes and occasions.

Jardin Queen Bee gold pendant with ruby eyes, black enamel and Ethiopian opal body. Champagne diamonds add to glitter to the golden jewel. By Syna
Chakra reversible evil eye pendant in 18-karat gold highlighted with enamel and champagne diamonds. By Syna
Jardin love birds cameo pendant framed with diamonds. By Syna

How was Syna’s journey during the pandemic?

No one can forget 2020, a year of uncertainty and fear. With all its complexities, it did simplify our lives in many ways. It gave us the opportunity to reflect and realign nearly every aspect of our business. This was our time to unlearn, learn and re-learn to cope with the “new normal”. We have been online since quite a few years, but we feel the online presence serves as an education to our customers to know what we have on offer, and which of their pieces can complement with our other pieces. Our collectors usually come through our retail partners, but the online presence has provided them a platform where they can see more than what our retail partners carry. We still feel that though an online presence is crucial for every brand, the real sales do happen in the stores.

Which are your key markets in the US? We would like to know if there are any region-specific design aesthetics that dictate the trends.

We are predominantly sold in fine jewellery stores across the United States. We do not have an international presence as yet. Though, our online platform helps us in catering to our international collectors in a big way.

Any lines added during the pandemic? If yes, could you kindly elaborate?

There’s always something new at Syna. We don’t believe in adding specific lines or collections at any given point of time. We see our offerings as a river, there’s always constant action and there is always something being added to our collections.

Every day gets us dreaming about a new piece or a new idea, and we love the flexibility we have created in our brand. Also, rather than adhere to any one style, we allow ourselves to play with coloured gemstones and diamonds in a painterly way. We love to pour this passion into creating new heirlooms that will reimagine our history for future generations.

Are there any changes in the consumer’s buying pattern in the last one year?  What according to you are the prevalent trends?

Over the last year, we’ve seen people love our big, one-of-a-kind pieces, especially the ones which have a deep meaning that touched their hearts. Another category that really worked for everyone was our little meaningful charms – people love collecting those, especially our evil eye pieces.

Anything else you may wish to add.

We would like to point out to all our industry friends that there is no one rule to anything. The markets are geared to accept you the way you are. As long as you keep your natural talent flowing and your clients understand that, you need not do anything else. This business is about your passion, just keep pouring your best, the rest will follow.

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