Tanishq Unveils Its Festive Collection Utsaah

India’s top retail jewellery brand, Tanishq, presented Utsaah, its festive collection that celebrates life. The line-up of lightweight gold pieces is an aesthetic combination of ethnicity and modernity.

The Utsaah collection by Tanishq launched on 30 September, 2021, sends out a message of celebrating life and living in the moment, but indulge in careful exuberance.

The collection re-imagines the rich Indian heritage into distinctive modern jewels while featuring detailed designs in plain and studded gold.  The ethno-contemporary Utsaah collection is designed for women who seek modernity and versatility.

Traditional motifs have been transformed into modern silhouettes, thus lending them an edge. Several crafts have been employed such as modern filigree, stamp and wire work, enamel, jaali work over stone, tikli, rawa and ball work to name a few. Celebrating the glint of gold, the assortment showcases varied textures and weave of patterns.

Ajoy Chawla, CEO – Jewellery Division, Titan Company Limited, said, “Celebrating today emerged as a strong theme in our sentiment study and this was also reflected in the enthusiasm with which people across the country celebrated festivals in the last couple of months. Our festive collection Utsaah takes this thought forward of celebrating ‘today’ with intricate designs. A collection that reflects various traditional karigari techniques yet is lightweight and wearable. The stunning designs can be elegantly layered, enabling the discerning woman to express her unique style across a variety of occasions.”

Speaking on the launch of the festive collection, Revathi Kant, Chief Design Officer, Titan Company Limited, said, “Our latest Diwali edit Utsaah has been designed keeping in mind the wearability aspect that has emerged as a key jewellery trend for this festive season.”

The price range for products under Utsaah collection starts at Rs. 35,000 onwards.

Here are the trends that emerged from Tanishq’s Consumer Sentiment Study:

Intricate Minimal Designs:  The trend in jewellery is shifting towards minimalism. Women are adorning modern jewels inspired by rich Indian heritage and crafts. Intricate, delicate, and minimal jewellery designs are a go-to trend this Diwali.

Statement earrings: With ‘Above the keyboard’ dressing, comfort and versatility are key — statement earrings make an ideal choice, keeping in mind the endless webcam moments. The trend is more inclined towards designs that bring attention to the width and depth of earrings for an added charm. Bold and edgy statement earrings, ear cuffs, linear earrings and ear studs are best suited to create the perfect vibrant look.

Geometric Designs: From geometric shapes to architectural spaces, symmetrical patterns, the amalgamation of jewellery and art is becoming an ultimate trend. Geometric designed jewellery embellished with ethnic symbols and mythological figures gives a bohemian vibe, reflecting the rich culture and heritage of our country.

Stones and a glint of gold: The use of coloured gemstones in jewellery is a notable trend. The majestic gold jewellery embedded with gemstones makes for an elegant combination to amp up the style game for any traditional attire. The pictured bangle features a drop of turquoise in a bloom on a beautifully modulated sheet of gold.

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