The Fab Four

Collaborations between brands and designers always create a buzz, evermore when it has a sparkling narrative and enriching context.

Owned by Dominion Diamond Mines, Canadian diamond brand Canadamark teamed up with premier jewellery design showroom Muse this summer for a project named ‘4×4.’ As part of this initiative, four noted designers – with a distinct style, aesthetic and voice – Mark Davis, Nikos Koulis, Silvia Furmanovich and Vram created four jewels each that were embellished using Canadamark diamonds.

Jim Pounds, Canadamark’s executive vice president of diamonds, said, “We are delighted to work with such a talented, diverse and accomplished group of designers for our first showing at Couture. Their unique vision, which is so beautifully expressed in these designs, contextualises our diamonds in a new way. What they have created is a perfect showcase for the potential of our beautiful Canadian product.”

Athenian designer Nikos Koulis has a penchant for imparting Art Deco pieces with a contemporary and original interpretation. His perceptive modernity, signature black enamel, distinct gem cuts and uncommon settings have continually wowed jewellery enthusiasts. For the 4×4 collaboration, Nikos evolved his famed Oui collection into beautiful and stylish pieces, using cushioncut Candamark diamonds.

Thrilled to work with a company that prioritises transparency, Brazilian jeweller Silvia Furmanovich delved into her newest collection that celebrates Japan’s rich textile history and traditional craftsmanship.

The capsule series of jewels for Canadamark features the Japanese maple leaf motif found on an obi — the sash worn with traditional kimonos — from the Meiji period. The motif is beautifully expressed with sculpted Japanese maple wood (light) and ebony (dark) to create contrast between the tones. The earrings, cuff, ring and necklace are set in 18-karat gold and sprinkled with Canadamark diamonds. “Increasingly, buyers want to know the source of things they buy and specifically in our industry, people want to know that diamonds have been sourced in an ethical way,”said the designer, noted for her marquetry jewels and clutches. “Canadamark demonstrates responsible mining can be done and I am proud to present a capsule collection with a company that abides to such rigorous standards,” added Silvia, who is represented by Muse.


Fashionable and colourful jewellery by Mark Davis, made in vintage bakelite and adorned with precious and semi-precious stones, has many seekers. For this particular collaboration, he married his mastery of bakelite with Canadamark diamonds to create an open cuff bracelet, necklace, ring and a pair of earrings, in bright as well as stark hues.

“It has long been a priority for Muse Showroom, our designers and retailers to work with jewels featuring responsibly sourced materials. We are thrilled to be collaborating with Canadamark who share our values. The transparency of the Canadamark supply chain gives consumers buying these diamonds the clarity and confidence they are asking for when it comes to the origin and history of their gems,” said founder Jennifer Shanker.


Though Los Angeles-based Vram Minassian is not part of the Muse tribe, Jennifer sought him out for the 4×4 initiative. “I was honoured that Jennifer reached out to me. It was clear from the beginning that there would be both Muse and non-Muse designers involved – and when you see the resulting designs you can understand why. There are such a diverse array of materials and points of view; they all showcase the Canadamark diamonds in a unique way,” said Vram, who offered four rich pickings by revisiting key designs – the Hyper Sine earrings, Echo ring, Chrona bracelet and Chrona pendant. “The designs were chosen for how beautifully they mesh with the Canadamark diamonds,” explained Vram.

The four creations are realised in 18-karat gold and speckled with round-cut diamonds set into platinum. “Where I like to do stone treatments in silver on most of my works, platinum was a more appropriate material to highlight the Canadamark diamonds.” The designer’s love for cosmic and celestial inspirations mirror in the Hyper Sine earrings and the Echo ring. “They are based on pieces that I designed for the 2016 Continuum Moment 1 collection and inspired by unseen cosmic forces, including gravity and magnetism. You can definitely see how the Moment 1 and Moment 3 work (the Chrona bracelet and pendant) – they are at the same time related and from distinct families,” added Vram.

Hinged on meticulous technique, the quartet of designers have nailed it with their harmonious and stylistic iterations.

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