The Future of CAD Is Here Already

Spain-based Gemvision Product Director Oriol Collelldemont took IIJS Virtual 2.0 participants on a journey to the Future of CAD. He offered a live demonstration of the power of the latest MatrixGold CAD software for jewellery manufacturers and the CounterSketch custom jewellery designing software for jewellery retailers.

In conversation with Shishir Nevatia, Director, Sunjewels, Oriol said he envisioned a future which had greater synergy between CAD software used at the workbench and on the sales floor, as the world is moving online. He demonstrated ease with which designs could be created in MatrixGold and then imported into CounterSketch for sales persons to show to the end customer, who could then further customise the design to her liking. The customised design could then easily be exported to MatrixGold for producing the finished jewellery piece.

Oriol noted that MatrixGold gives manufacturers the flexibility to not only make their own software tools, but also to fine-tune settings to suit each factory’s unique requirements and avoid manufacturing errors.

Changing the shape, size or individual feature of a design didn’t require any complicated backward steps or undoing hours of hard work; it could simply be achieved at the click of a button, he noted.

The software also has a built-in calculator to be able to give customers a real-time price estimate instantly.

CounterSketch was based on libraries that make it easy to make modifications right in front of customers with few weeks of sales staff training.

Gemvision, Oriol emphasised, is not just focusing on making designs, but is helping you to sell these designs as well.

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