UNI: Diamond Fluorescence Has Positive Influence On Colour Grade, Price

Diamond-focused fintech company UNI Diamonds said in its latest Natural Diamond Prices (NDP) Trend Analysis that the industry is increasingly accepting of fluorescence in diamonds, on condition that it does not impact the lustre or beauty of the stone.

Research conducted by various gem labs, including HRD Antwerp, shows that with blue fluorescence in the mid-colour range, one tends to see an improvement in the colour grade, and subsequently the price, UNI informed.

“What’s particularly striking is that we are seeing prices of fluorescent diamonds drawing closer to those of non-fluorescent diamonds,” it noted.

UNI’s own analysis of price tendencies and movements in natural diamond markets has revealed that while price movement for non-fluorescent in the round and fancy-cut categories was varied, a common trend for fluorescent diamonds in both categories was upward, closing the gap with non-fluorescent stones.

“Our analysis lends credence to the growing body of evidence that both retailers and consumers are discovering that fluorescence in a diamond can be considered as something unique and beautiful. The recent focus on this category by Alrosa, which is now deliberately marketing fluorescent diamonds, and the revision by GIA to explain fluorescence as a unique property of natural diamonds, are both key reasons for this change,” UNI stated.

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