A Glamorous Ode To Emeralds

High-end jewellery brand Shruti Sushma eulogise the gemstone that has enjoyed undisputed fame and popularity through centuries.

Sushma Chhajer, Founder & Designer, and Shruti Chhajer Ranka, Creative Head, of the Shruti Sushma brand based in Ahmedabad and Bengaluru, pay a rich tribute to the evergreen gemstone, emerald. Loved and cherished equally by kings, queens and commoners, the lush green enchanting gemstone is believed to bestow good luck, intelligence and health to its wearer, and is symbolic of love and friendship.

The mother-daughter duo has always been inspired by the beauty of emeralds. Shruti elaborates: “Emeralds are known to not only nurture the heart but also bring vitality and spirituality to the soul; it symbolises inspiration compassion and intuition. So it was natural for us to create one-off significant pieces highlighting the beauty of this gemstone.”

Shruti outlines the stories behind three magnificent pieces draped in emeralds:

The Maharani necklace:

We took about six months to handpick 300 carats of Zambian emeralds. Each and every gemstone almost matches in colour and quality. The four-row Maharani necklace is fluid and feminine and is juxtaposed with emeralds and 18-karat gold hexagon motifs, studded with brilliant-cut diamonds. 

The multi-row necklace is patterned with 300 carats of Zambian emeralds. By Shruti Sushma

The Emerald & Onyx choker:

We have always been intrigued by the Art Deco period, the visual embodiment of modernist principles celebrating the triumph, the history of boldness and optimism. This Art Deco choker represents the ultimate attention to detail in craftsmanship.

On model: The Emerald & Onyx choker by Shruti Sushma

Both my mother and I design all the pieces … it always begins with a conversation between us that later provides us the impetus to sketch, select the right gemstones and get the piece manufactured.

The unorthodox combination of Zambian emeralds interspersed with hexagon-shaped onyx, and embellished with diamonds makes it a one-off piece.

On model: Water Lily ear studs by Shruti Sushma

Emerald Water Lily ear studs

At Shruti Sushma we frequently draw inspiration from our favourite flower water lily …  it has been a recurring motif in our jewellery. These arresting ear studs bring out the vivid green colour of Zambian emeralds.  The 18-karat gold water lily ear studs are depicted with edgy modernity.

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