Alrosa Presents Sustainability Agenda & Provenance Programme To Clients

Russian diamond producer Alrosa hosted a webinar for clients, introducing the latest developments in innovative diamond tracing solutions and the company’s approach towards the industry’s sustainable future. Taken together, these initiatives guarantee the responsible sourcing of diamonds throughout the whole value chain, the company said.

Alrosa noted that jewellers face rapidly growing requests from consumers for goods with a proven positive social and environmental footprint, making responsible sourcing a cornerstone of any modern diamond business.

When buying a diamond, people want to be sure that it is genuine, and that society has benefited from its extraction. This is why diamond tracing technologies are always established alongside ESG commitments, comprising an integral part of the sustainable diamond business, Alrosa stated.

Alrosa Deputy CEO, Evgeny Agureev, said, “Sustainability has always been at the heart of Alrosa operations. We are not just city-forming, but district-forming company in a remote region with a harsh climate, producing diamonds in full accordance with the highest international standards. With all current production concentrated in Russia under strict industry regulation, we guarantee the origin of every crystal. Moreover, we have developed state-of-the-art solutions, making this guarantee credible. This is exactly what jewellers, retailers and final consumers need today.” In 2021, Alrosa introduced a new solution under its Alrosa Provenance program, a ground-breaking diamond-tracing technology using non-invasive laser marking that allows the precious stone to be identified with 100% accuracy.

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