Anand Shah’s Midas Touch

Ace Jewellery designer ANAND SHAH’s hold over gold is unsurpassed. His presence at trade show always elicits curiosity for a simple reason – he brings something fresh each time. Here’s what he has on offer at IIJS Premiere 2021.

A lightweight beads and pearls necklace crafted in 22-karat gold.
Satiny beads fringed with overlapping rows of openwork leaves grace this necklace.
The bridal bib from the Rangrez collection.
The 22-karat gold necklace is composed of graduating oval shapes bearing glass enamelled florets and filgree work.
The captivating pendant features rosewood and golden leaves with a ruby drop peppered with pearls.

Anand Shah looks to Nature for inspiration and his bridal and lightweight collection employs elements in the form of textures and motifs of flowers, buds, stems, leaves and more.

Although Shah specialises in magnificent bridal sets crafted with 22-karat gold and complemented with rosewood, enamel, paints, mother-of-pearl. Never the one to shy away from experimenting, Shah showcases a collection of gold and dark brown rosewood underpinned by discreet luxury. “Since I had worked with rosewood earlier, I decided to try new formats. The warm shades of gold blend well with the textured wood that has natural veins.”

The other collection Rangrez belongs to the bridal category and incorporates a rainbow of colours through gemstones.

But the surprise element is the lightweight collection that, according to Shah, is doing exceptionally well. “I have tried to cut down the gold content by almost 40% in each piece and have used numerous textures on the metal surface to enhance its beauty.”

The pieces are fashioned with various crafts such as filigree, openwork, frosting, clear enamelling that lends a glass like finish, engraving, and satiny and carved gold beads. Various types of finishes have been used to add a distinct touch to the lightweight collection. The collection also uses minty green emeralds, deep red and pinkish rubies and pearls.

“My expectations from the show are very high as the markets across India have rebounded. In anticipation of demand, we had to prep up our manufacturing process as we are still facing a shortage of artisans.

“I must add that it is the season of lightweight jewellery that will attract millennials and Gen Z, who want to wear wearable art which is not ostentatious.”

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