Artisan 2022: Queen’s Ransom For Wallis Simpson

The magnificent finalist pieces from the Wallis Simpson category are one-off and edgy – just right for a queen!

Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor believed in wearing expensive jewels. Using fashion as a shield to cover up her insecure feeling about her looks – she believed she was “not a beautiful woman” – she developed a trailblazing style that came to be associated with her.

One of her famous pieces is a 19-karat emerald and diamond ring which she wore in 1936 during her secret engagement with The Duke of Windsor, who abdicated his throne in order to marry the divorced Wallis. The inscription on the ring was “We Are Ours Now.”

Designed by Dip Sit
Manufactured by KGK Creations India Pvt. Ltd.
Designed by Vishnupada Das
Manufactured by Popley Eternal
Designed by Suryadeb Ghosh
Manufactured by Gehna Jewellers Pvt. Ltd.
Designed by Aditi Gupta
Manufactured by Walking Tree India Pvt. Ltd.
Designed by Urvi Bansal
Manufactured by B. K. Saraf Jewellers Pvt. Ltd.
Designed by Deepa Kala
Manufactured by Aura Jewels
Designed by Sushil Bhalerao
Manufactured by Tara Fine Jewels
Designed by Aslam Ali Khan
Manufactured by EON Jewellery
Designed by Sumita Anvekar, Student, IIGJ Mumbai
Manufactured by Shivkeerti Jewellers
Designed by Debasish Maity
Manufactured by Laxmi Dia Jewel Pvt. Ltd.
Designer Manufacturer
Debasish Maity Laxmi Dia Jewel Pvt. Ltd
Suryadeb Ghosh Gehna Jewellers Pvt. Ltd
Urvi Bansal B.K. Saraf Jewellers Pvt. Ltd.
Vishnupada Das Popley Eternal
Dip Sit KGK Creations India Pvt. Ltd
Aditi Gupta Walking Tree India Pvt. Ltd
Deepa Kala Aura Jewels
Aslam Ali Khan EON Jewellery
Sushil Bhalerao Tara Fine Jewels
Sumita Anvekar,Student,IIGJ Mumbai Shivkeerti Jewellers

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