Bejewelled Notes from Couture

We took a tour of the Couture show in Las Vegas this fall and have been busy curating some of our favourite jewels from the fair. This is the third and final installment of the Couture highlights.

Harwell Godfrey  

The Couture show was wonderful for Lauren Harwell Godfrey of Harwell Godfrey. “I appreciate the show acting as a deadline for me to get these new works into the world. It was also very special for me to be surrounded by the Couture community,” she says. The designer unveiled several new one-of-a-kind pieces as well as two new collections at Couture – Other Dimensions and Between the Lines. New stockists, sales and a Couture award for best in ‘Colored Gemstones under $20k’ were highlights from this year’s show observes the designer.

The Stardust Cigar Band crafted in 18-karat gold features triangles set with round diamonds alongside sharp-edged baguettes, to create an interplay of patterns. By Harwell Godfrey
18-karat gold, gemstone, diamond, and stone bead tassel pendant. By Harwell Godfrey

She loves large scale pieces and says they inevitably grab the most eyeballs. “There’s a big one-of-a-kind Chrysoberyl medallion in the Other Directions collection that got a lot of love at the show, and I think the unexpected subtlety of Between the Lines captured a lot of interest. But by far, the most eyeballs went to my Totem pendant from my Cleopatra’s Vault collection that won the Design Award,” she adds.

Kirsty Stone of Retrouvaí showed the new Impetus collection for the first time. “This collection is all puzzle pieces and interlocking shapes that were designed as symbols representing that we are each individually part of a much larger picture,” explains the designer, who hadn’t shown a new collection since March of 2020. “The period leading up to this show and post-show has been pretty hectic considering the switch in schedule from June to August, but the show itself was very successful for us which is all I could really ask for.”

Handmade 14-karat cabochon gemstone Impetus Puzzle Pendant. By Retrouvai
The impetus interlocking Puzzle pendant set with an oval tourmaline and emerald. By Retrouvai

Retrouvaí’s focus going into the Couture show was to come together with their existing retail partners to find the most beautiful combination of Retrouvaí’s pieces for each of their unique clientele. “Despite managing to work through the pandemic to this point through screens and FedEx exclusively, it feels important for our partners to be able to hold our pieces in their hands,” adds Kirsty. Her new Impetus pieces were the most popular at this year’s show.

Catherine Sarr of Almasika showcased her latest offering, Harmony. “Sound waves are at the centre of this collection,” Catherine explains. She created designs that manifest sound as both a stimulus and a sensation. Since ancient times and across cultures, humans have used sound to restore their vibration to a state of harmony, observes the designer. Created in 18-karat gold and set with marquise diamonds, the collection includes earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces.

Marquis stud earrings from the Harmony collection. By Almasika
The Harmony Marquis Eternity Band. By Almasika

The Couture show for Catherine was a great opportunity to foster relationships both new and existing. “Some of the relationships I have with my stockists had been built during the pandemic, so meeting with them was invaluable. It was also wonderful to see industry leaders whom I’ve known throughout my career. I was honoured to be selected by these industry leaders and colleagues as an award finalist for a Couture Design Award for best debuting designer,” says Catherine.

There were so many positive takeaways for Almasika as a business and brand. “We are delighted to have new stockists and gained wonderful new customers.” The standout pieces were Almasika’s Harmony hoops and ring, besides the Universum cuff and Vici Comb earrings that debuted at the Sotheby’s Brilliant and Black Exhibition in September.

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