Bharat Diamond Bourse To Hold Diamond Week From 6th To 8th April

After a gap of three years, the fourth edition of Bharat Diamond Week (BDW) is set to take place from 6th to 8th April 2023 at the Bharat Diamond Bourse Complex in Mumbai. The exhibition promises to showcase over 125 exhibitors from large and medium-sized diamond manufacturers, cut and polished diamond companies, diamond jewellery companies, technology and lab-grown diamond companies.

The event aims to bridge the demand-supply gap that exists in the industry today. Anoop Mehta, President of Bharat Diamond Bourse, said, “The entire diamond sector is going through a tough phase, and economic volatility looms large on various economies. BDW 2023 is a sincere effort from Bharat Diamond Bourse to provide a neutral platform for both exhibitors as well as local and international buyers to congregate and conduct business.”

Mehul Shah, Vice-President of Bharat Diamond Bourse, added, “BDB is the world’s largest Diamond Exchange with world-class security systems and cutting-edge technology that makes BDB a zero-crime exchange, and what better place to come together to buy and sell diamonds than the bourse where the BDW 2023 would be organised.”

This year’s BDW will include globally renowned exhibitors showcasing exquisite products, a knowledge series, a rough diamond tender day, a tour of the Bharat Diamond Bourse for buyer delegations, and factory visits to Mumbai and Surat.

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