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Charu Sarawgi, CEO & Desginer, Darpan, Jaipur, has been on a mission to take jadau, a bridal concept into the daily wear segment through her lightweight designs. She is showcasing new collections at IIJS Premeire 2022.

Tell us a little bit about your company.

We, at Darpan, have been in the jewellery industry for the last 20 years. I established my namesake brand Charu Sarawgi, eight years ago. We have been taking part in IIJS since 2018. We make light, aesthetic and wearable fine quality polki and gold jadau jewellery adapted to the taste of today’s contemporary women.

Jadau is usually associated with big traditional bridal jewellery. However, our designs can easily be worn for a luncheon or to office, with traditional clothes or even with Western outfits. The pieces are light in weight due to minimum use of wax, and they can be worn for longer durations without any discomfort.

Charu Sarawgi

What are you showcasing at IIJS Premiere 2022?

Our collection this year consists of small and medium sized earrings and small necklace sets in precious and semi-precious gemstones with delicate stringing. We have used gemstones such as rubies, emeralds, kyanites, tourmalines, pearls, peridot and citrine. We use syndicate non-filling polkis in all our pieces.

The designs have been inspired by nature, museums, stain glass paintings and ancient architecture from around the world.

Enamelled gold floral studs dotted with polkis. By Darpa

What is your brand’s USP?

We are among the very few in the country making ‘daily wear’ jadau. Our brand reflects the changing times that we live in at the same time maintaining the immaculate workmanship and purity of the days of yore.

Chand balis adorned with pearls and rubies. By Darpan

What are your expectations from IIJS Premiere 2022?

I hope to reach out to a larger client base and get plenty of business orders at the show. I want more and more people to be exposed to smaller, contemporary jadau jewellery.

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