Couture Serves Up A New Take On Design

The Couture Show is over, and the designers are pleased at the positive response to their new collection launches and latest additions to the signature designs.

We caught up with Milan Tanvir Choksi of Moksh, George Inaki Root of Milamore and Yana Nesper to learn more. Here’s what the designers had to say:

Milan Tanvir Chokshi, Founder, Moksh

With the new addition to our Jodhpur line, we are trying to merge artistry, technology and engineering. The pieces celebrate the jaali work of Jodhpur through the precise gold filigree. We also showcased two of our strongest artistry and craft processes – the patented micro-pearl weave and the calibrated tapered baguette setting. The designs representing modern, contemporary India has been our strongest showing at Couture. This is the second time that we have participated with sales representation, and we can see the fruits of our perseverance and patience.

In 2019, we couldn’t display all our jewellery because of a false claim by a designer, and later, we lost some time due to Covid 19. That said, we’re gradually making inroads and growing in the US. We met all the retailers who were on our list; we plan to do some shows and place our pieces with all of them this year.

Gold bangle accented with a ruby and diamond motif by Moksh
Sapphire and diamond hoops by Moksh
Trellised pendant earrings dotted with emeralds and diamonds by Moksh

George Inaki Root, CEO and Creative Director, Milamore

We launched the Hanabi collection at Couture show. The collection was inspired by the flower shaped fireworks in Japan and was created in 18-karat gold, diamonds, sapphires and Akoya pearls. We also previewed our Diamond Braille collection, which reinvents the idea of wearable word-plates to the next level. Chic and subtle, words of inspiration are transcribed in diamond braille on 18-karat gold plates. The words can be reminders or a subtle message to self. Right now, we have the words MANIFEST and SELF LOVE inscribed on the rings, AMORE on the necklace, and GRATITUDE and HOPE on bracelets. We can also customise the words specially for the client. The English translation of the word is on the inside of the jewellery. The Diamond Braille features notes of Milamore’s signature Kintsugi and Duo Chain aesthetic to seamlessly create a timeless and special design.

It was Milamore’s first year at Couture, so I absolutely had no idea what to expect or experience. Turns out, it was very successful. We were featured on WWD USA, I got to meet retailers who we had business relationships with but never had a chance to meet in person and show my collections. We have potential buyers who are interested in carrying Milamore, which is very exciting. Some people told me: “We’ve been watching Milamore and you as a designer for months and finally happy to meet you in person and your collection,” which is so heartwarming and touching to hear. We met many people in the industry who have been in jewellery for many years, and it was quite inspiring. Our newest account is Broken English Jewelry, which we are so excited about and grateful to be featured at. Keep your eyes peeled, as we may have some new additions to our list of online retailers soon.

Kintsugi diamond bracelet by Milamore
Kintsugi Float diamond ring II by Milamore
Kintsugi Infinity Emerald necklace by Milamore
Kintsugi Infinity Kihei necklace by Milamore

Yana Nesper, Designer

The Couture show was a great opportunity even though I was unable to attend the exhibition owing to the pandemic-related travel restrictions. It was my first showcase at Couture and, fortunately, I was still able to exhibit with my US press and sales agency attending on my behalf. They reported that it was a great show, as far as sales and press viewings were concerned – and because it was a smaller show, buyers and media members engaged more with the brands as they had more time to spend than in the past years. We had a lot of great takeaways from the show. The Couture event has allowed us to open several new accounts, make important introductions to many of our target retailers, and had valuable press members stop by and see our new pieces in person. 

Some pieces that were especially popular with buyers were the Love South Sea Pearl necklace in yellow gold, the Open Mind freshwater pearl hoops in yellow gold, the Open Mind Akoya pearl choker in yellow gold, and the South Sea pearl bangle in yellow gold.

Freshwater pearl Open Mind hoops in yellow gold by Yana Nesper
South Sea bangle in yellow gold by Yana Nesper
South Sea Pearl yellow gold LOVE necklace by Yana Nesper
The Akoya Open Mind pearl choker in yellow gold by Yana Nesper
Infinity and Heart pendant in yellow gold by Yana Nesper

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