Crafting History: HSJ’s Artistry Shines in Ram Temple’s Jewellery Collection

Leading the charge in crafting the grand jewellery for the Ram Temple in Ayodhya, ANKUR ANAND, Director, Harsahaimal Shiamlal Jewellers (HSJ), a certified diamond grader and gemmologist, alongside Mrs. Kanupriya Anand, brings a fifth-generation legacy of expertise and creativity to the forefront of tradition and craftsmanship. In a detailed process involving over a hundred artisans, the jewellery for Shri Ram Lalla embodies the divine essence of Lord Ram, his royal lineage, and cultural significance.

Your company has been in the news for making jewels for the Ram Temple in Ayodhya. How did you get this prestigious assignment?

We are grateful to have crafted the jewellery for the Ram Temple in Ayodhya. Previously, we had curated special collections for various temples in Vrindavan, Bareilly, Budaun and Aligarh.

When we received the phone call asking if we could curate Shri Ram Lalla’s jewellery, we were beyond excited.

Can you share insights into the creative process behind crafting the jewels for the Ram Temple in Ayodhya? What inspired the design?

Designing Ram Lalla’s jewellery was a highly creative process. When we first got the project, we were given only a few directions: first, the jewellery should be royal since Ram Lalla was the prince and later king of the Suryavanshi household. Second, we were designing pieces for a five-and-a-half-year-old murti (idol) of Shri Ram.

With this in mind, we used elements and motifs like the sun logo and the peacock in the crown along with precious gemstones and metals to create the piece.

Ankur Anand and Kanupriya Anand. (Inset) Close-ups of Shri Ram Lalla’s idol decorated with jewels crafted by HSJ.

How does it feel to contribute to such a historically and culturally significant project like the Ram Temple?

It is truly an honour to be chosen for this extraordinary project. We were overwhelmed with joy and excited to contribute to Shri Ram Lalla’s idol.

Every stroke, every detail, and every aspect of the project carries a weight of cultural responsibility. It is not just about sculpting a form but about embodying the essence of divinity, spirituality, and the revered character of Lord Ram.

We are thankful to the committee and Shri Ram Lalla for giving us this wonderful opportunity.

Were local artisans involved in the creation of these pieces? How do you ensure that traditional craftsmanship is preserved and promoted in your work? What were the main traditional crafts employed in creating the jewellery?

Yes, our own artisans crafted each of these pieces by hand. It took over a hundred artisans working side by side, hour after hour, to bring each of the jewels to life. Their painstaking craftsmanship and immense dedication were a huge support to complete this project. We employed many traditional crafts such as jali work and different settings in each jewellery to make the pieces more special for our Lord’s return to Ayodhya.

Can you tell us the materials used in crafting these jewels? Were there any specific challenges faced during the process? How long did it take to make these intricate pieces?

We used natural gemstones and metals including gold, emeralds, rubies, and diamonds, to make Shri Ram Lalla’s jewellery. The tilak (ornamental spot adorned on the forehead) has a 3-carat nearly flawless diamond at its centre, while the mukut (crown) is embellished with fine emeralds signifying the Lord’s royal stature.

Altogether, it was a very delicate and complicated process. Along the way, we faced a few challenges. For instance, we initially designed the mukut to be a bit smaller, but we felt it wasn’t enough for such a monumental occasion. We melted it overnight and recreated it with a larger, grander look worthy of Shri Ram Lalla.

As for the retail landscape, we would like to know a little more about your legacy. How many stores do you have across India?

Located in the heart of the historic city of Lucknow, HSJ is more than jewellery – it is an experience.

Founded in 1893, we have been in the jewellery business for over 130 years. Started in Budaun (UP), HSJ opened its first store in Bareilly, followed by a flagship store in Lucknow.

Pioneers in the jewellery trade, the HSJ name is associated with purity and trust. Our brand was one of the first jewellery brands in the country to obtain a BIS hallmarking licence.

Have the customer preferences changed, say, in the last one decade? How do you approach customisation for clients, and what role do client relationships play in the success of your business?

Consumer preferences have changed drastically over the last decade. Today, jewellery connoisseurs prefer designer jewels with significance and meaning. When a customer decides on the design they want, we offer them the opportunity to customise. Handled in-house, these customisations can involve gemstones or settings according to the client’s preferences.

What marketing strategies do you employ to promote your brand and connect with your audience, both locally and nationally?

We have marketed through various platforms both digital and print. Digitally, we showcase our jewellery through our social media handles along with press releases to launch different collections. We project onto high-net-worth audiences locally and nationally through print media like newspapers, hoardings, and more.

In the age of digital marketing, how do you utilise online platforms to showcase your jewellery and engage with customers?

HSJ is active on all social media platforms. We provide regular updates on upcoming events, offers, and new collections. Digital marketing is especially important for us as it helps us reach a new audience with our content.

In the context of growing environmental awareness, how does your jewellery business incorporate sustainable practices?

For our jewellery, we ensure that all our gemstones and metals are responsibly sourced from legal mines. Our artisans work hard to make sure that wastage is less and that all waste is recycled.

What current trends do you observe in the jewellery industry, and how do you ensure that your designs stay relevant to the changing tastes of consumers?

Currently, bold, statement jewellery is on the rise. As people focus more on themselves, they seek accessories to express their individuality, making styling an art in itself. We continually update our designs based on the feedback we receive from our audience. Our range of jewels allows us to maintain rich, heritage designs along with trending pieces for a wholesome experience.

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