Design Evolution: IIJS Shines The Spotlight on Cutting-Edge Techniques

At the IIJS Signature, design in jewellery collections emerged as the focal point, captivating industry enthusiasts.

Designers have been pushing creative boundaries, infusing modern aesthetics with cultural influences. IIJS Signature served as a dynamic platform, showcasing how innovation and creativity converge to redefine the landscape of contemporary jewellery design. Innovations in jewellery crafting have revolutionised traditional techniques, effortlessly blending artistry with technology. Advanced 3D printing, laser cutting, and precision casting methods enable intricate designs and customised pieces, in the lightweight gold category. This synergy of craftsmanship and innovation not only enhances aesthetics but also elevates the overall quality and accessibility of gold jewellery.

Exhibitors showcased exceptional designs in feather-light jewels as well as collections that appear larger yet are light in weight when worn.

Solitaire International spoke to some of the exhibitors to find out more:

Simran Shah, Kama Jewelry: There is a shift in consumer behaviour, emphasising a growing willingness to experiment with alternative materials. The popularity of their plain silicon rings in various colours, adorned with a small centre diamond, attests to this trend. We have also introduced stylish and playful plain gold rings featuring simple outlines and playful gold bands in both 14-karat and 18-karat. Furthermore, in order to introduce functionality and movement, we have unveiled a limited collection of Robotics pendants studded with diamonds.

Lightweight gold rings with openwork designs, by Kama Jewelry

Jugal Choksi of Bariki (CVM)

The show for us has been good so far. Gold prices have curtailed demand, and it is a wait and watch situation for the buyers. They will confirm the orders when the prices stabilise.

Consumers today want more clean and neat forms. In order to make lightweight jewels, we are bringing out a range of antique jewels which are singular in design. All our jewellery is made by artisans, and therefore we cannot achieve the desired weight that machines can offer. We introduce beads, filigree work and links, delicate openwork patterns, concave discs, textures to curtail the gold weight.

Mahendra Jain, Owner, Mukti Gold

Among the range of collections from daily wear to bridal jewellery, we have introduced dainty and sleek personalised pendants in gold with a smattering of diamonds. Gen Z customers are extremely fond of adding personalised elements in their jewellery and these lines are very popular among our visitors. In rose gold bridal jewellery, we have introduced latticed patterns with a smattering of top-quality fine diamonds. These, too, are in huge demand.

Laser cut filigree pendant and earrings, by Samyak Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd.

Sushil Solanki of Sangam Jewels n Gold

The response at JWCC and Nesco has been really good—overwhelming, in fact. We launched Aureza, our new brand at Jio, and experienced a significant footfall. We continually innovate ways to introduce new elements into our lightweight lines. The addition of pearls and gemstones helps offset the weight of gold, making each piece appear fuller and more enjoyable.

Vishal Jain of Shah Vanaji Kesaji & Co.

This show has a major positive development of new potential customers giving us their precious time to sit down and talk business. We’ve reduced gold weight in several products through paper casting. Using new technology like 3D printing for wax casting, we have expanded to 18 types of rings across different categories.

We use combinations of techniques like stamping, CNC, and handmade machine chains in a single product, to achieve unique lightweight options that are stylish and affordable and appeal to youngsters and working women.

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