Desire For High-end Diamond Jewellery Rises

Some of the top design houses across the nation are elated about the growing consumer appetite for couture diamond jewellery. Pandemic or no, it’s proven time and again that the allure of diamonds is eternal as this most coveted gemstone pivots around strong emotions of everlasting love. 

So, what’s trending? Classic wearable diamond pieces are in demand, and there’s a distinct spike in commissions for bespoke diamond jewellery! Check out what some of these designer jewellery brands have to say.

‘Exclusivity Is Key’

Ishu Datwani, Founder, Anmol, Mumbai: The year 2021 belongs to statement diamond jewellery and bridal lines. Jewellery buying is happening with a vengeance, thanks to the pent-up demand due to the extended lockdowns.  Indulgence and gifting will be the two main drivers for growth. Unique, well designed and finely crafted pieces will fly off the shelves. So, it is very important for every jeweller to pull up their socks, and sharpen their pencil and create designs that are fresh and interesting in order to stay ahead of competition even in the niche segment.

Elliptical earrings crafted in 18-karat gold and set with Forevermark diamonds. By Anmol
An 18-karat gold diamond swish ring. By Anmol
Long white gold earrings designed with fancy shape Forevermark diamonds. By Anmol
A voluptuous white gold cuff set with Forevermark diamonds. By Anmol
The white gold necklace features a medley of drop, heart and round brilliant diamonds. By Anmol
Ornate chandelier earrings in rose gold set with rose-cut and round brilliant diamonds. By Anmol

Consumers are opting for classic designs in diamond jewellery. The round brilliant diamond cut is the most popular as it is classic and emanates maximum shine, fire and lustre. A combination of yellow and white diamonds is doing well.

We have been proactive in making changes driven by technology, and are using CAM/CAD & 3D printing to make lightweight jewellery with better finish and flexibility. We use micro-pave setting which makes the piece lightweight and gives a brilliant effect. The range of diamond jewellery that is currently popular in the couture segment is between Rs.500,000 and Rs.1 crore.

In the bridal segment, though, traditional Indian designs are in, especially for the ceremonial part of the weddings.

‘Large Diamonds and Solitaires, A Major Trend’

Ketan Chokshi, Co-owner, Narayan Jewellers by Ketan and Jatin Chokshi, Vadodara: There are three trends in high-end diamond jewellery – those set with large stones and solitaires; fancy coloured diamonds like yellow and pink diamonds; and diamond jewellery complemented with good quality emeralds and rubies.

Curvaceous rose and white gold ear cuffs encrusted with diamonds. By Narayan Jewellers
White gold diamond floral earrings graced with delicate tassels. By Narayan Jewellers
White gold diamond danglers featuring a fringe of emerald drops. By Narayan Jewellers
U-shaped white gold and diamond earrings featuring square rose gold motifs each centring on a large diamond. By Narayan Jewellers
White and rose gold necklace by Narayan Jewellers
Geometric white gold long earrings studded with diamonds. By Narayan Jewellers
Floral ear studs patterned with swirls of fancy-cut diamonds. By Narayan Jewellers

Floral and Geometric patterns are in – it depends on the occasion.

For a festive event, consumers pick floral jewellery, and for an evening soiree, they opt for geometric patterns. 

In diamond clarity, it is the flawless to VVS1 and VVS2 range that is trending; while for gemstone settings it is more about the design, however, the focus is on classic, prong, pave, bezel and channel settings.

Diamonds are the most versatile of gemstones and that is the reason they have a large consumer base. They can be part of daily wear jewellery, or occasion-driven couture jewellery. That is the reason diamonds continue to be the favourite choice of everyone. 

‘Bespoke Creations Are Being Favoured’

Niraj Menda, Creative Head and Co-founder, Studio Reves, Mumbai: Trends in high-end diamond jewellery are relative to buyers — it’s need-based and not a casual purchase.

Spiral gold ear studs set with fancy-sahped diamonds. By Studio Reves
C-shaped gold hoops lined with rubies and briolette diamonds. By Studio Reves
A burst of diamonds enhance the beauty of these earrings. By Studio Reves
Feathery white gold diamond earrings dotted with a sapphire each. By Studio Reves
The long white gold earrings are fashioned with briolettes and fancy-shape diamonds with a cluster of emeralds. By Studio Reves
An organic white gold bracelet studded with diamonds featuring a ruby-filled rose on one finial and an emerald leaf on the other. By Studio Reves

As for the forms, fluid or ‘in flux’ shapes are being preferred. The exposure during stay at home has forced everyone to browse various channels of social media and this has been a window to the world, now available at our fingertips; it’s also influencing content from the world over. 

Consumers are knowledgeable and they understand the nuances of jewellery finish and design better. This, dare I say, has led the design houses and manufacturers to come up with more meaningful and relevant designs in the couture segment.

Forms or designs in the high-end bracket are articulated through gemstones as they carry the story forward. High-end is more about customising in terms of material and designs keeping the needs of consumers in mind.

Pink diamonds are rare, but popular. Yellow diamonds are a staple. We have been fortunate to see movement across all price ranges, but the sweet spot is between Rs.5 lakh and Rs.7 lakh.

Diamonds, I believe, hold a special place in people’s hearts!

‘Demand Up For Fancy Cuts’

Anand Kulthia, Managing Director, Kulthiaa Jewel (P) Ltd., Kolkata: Social media may or may not generate direct sales, but surely, it has played an impressive role in educating consumers about jewellery and trends across the globe.

Multi-row diamond necklace with a floral clasp set with fancy yellow diamonds. By Kulthiaa Jewel
Long earrings featuring fancy-shaped diamonds. By Kulthiaa Jewel
Gold necklace neatly patterned with fancy-cut diamonds. By Kulthiaa Jewel
Double-finger floral ring set with diamonds. By Kulthiaa Jewel
A bouquet of baguette diamonds form the crown of this gold ring. By Kulthiaa ring

As we emerge from the pandemic, we have noticed that simple and delicate forms are the design directions in the diamond jewellery segment.

Preference for fancy-cut diamonds has increased and, particularly for us, we believe that our designs require various shapes to evoke the beauty of a designer piece. For us, fancy colour diamonds are not that much in vogue—at least not in this (eastern) part of India.

We are making collections using constellation and illusion settings. Price range has never been a major concern for us, as our customers demand good designs, innovation, and the best quality. We are seeing a boost in demand for bridal collections – which are dictated more by design than the budget.

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