Diwali Dazzlers!

The allure of diamond jewellery is timeless, captivating people for centuries. Intrinsically beautiful, culturally significant, and symbolically rich, diamond jewellery continues to be an object of fascination and desire. Richa Singh, Managing Director India & Middle East, Natural Diamond Council, notes, “Natural diamonds, the ultimate symbols of love, hold deep emotional value and are timeless heirlooms. Diamond jewellery is eternal, while trends might be cyclical.

“This year has been all about expressing your individuality; whether it is through embracing maximalist XXL earrings and chokers for when you want to make a statement, or with everyday jewellery for daily moments of joy. Consumers are purchasing diamonds to enjoy today and as an investment for the long-term. Also, Locker jewellery is giving way to Drawer jewellery, which is why I anticipate a higher demand for the modern solitaire, in all shapes and sizes.”

Singh is of the opinion that natural diamonds set in gold will always be the choice for any special moment. “This year, we have seen the rise of diamond jewellery with coloured gemstones. This type of jewellery will be in vogue as it transcends both traditional and contemporary styles. After all, what better than a billion-year-old gift to celebrate a festival that is thousands of years old!”

The stunning choker features openwork, intersecting circular motifs of diamond leaves, and is accented with graduating emeralds. By Kashi Jewellers, Courtesy Natural Diamond Council


Modern silhouettes grace the solitaire two rings set with a medley of fancy-cut diamonds. By Kantilal Chhotalal, Courtesy Natural Diamond Council


The XXL open choker is set with rows of graduating drop-shaped diamonds. By Khurana Jewellery House, Courtesy Natural Diamond Council


On model: Stylised floral ring and ear studs in white gold are patterned with fancy-shaped diamonds. By H. Ajoomal Fine Jewellery, Courtesy Natural Diamond Council


The rivière necklaces are fashioned with fancy-cut diamonds. By Malabar Gold and Diamonds, Courtesy Natural Diamond Council


The statement white gold ring featuring a faceted blue stone is framed with marquise and drop-shaped diamonds. By Notandas Jewellers, Courtesy Natural Diamond Council


The XXL cascading diamond earrings. By ANMOL, Courtesy Natural Diamond Council


On model:  XXL choker designed as a stunning diamond-studded lace. By Bholasons Jewellers, Courtesy Natural Diamond Council

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