Elegant Necklines

We are seeing a return of classic necklaces embellished with a combination of diamonds and gemstones which are worthy of being heirloom pieces. Sautoirs and chokers studded with a medley of gemstones is trending to help you standout in the crowd. Here’s what we trend-spotted at IIJS Signature.

Carved emerald leaves dot the necklace featuring a mosaic of fancy-cut diamonds. The necklace ends with a drop-shaped diamond and emerald motif. By Laxmi Diamond
The gold necklace starts as a ribbed organic ribbon terminating into a grand pattern of fancy-cut diamonds, emerald and pearls. By Sawansukha Jewellers
A striking green choker designed with emeralds bearing diamond floral scrolls. By Sanskriti Jewels
The edgy necklace is formed with intersecting diamond, emerald and ruby circles. By Wondercuts
The tanzanite sautoir features a quirky gemstudded stork. By House of Sparsh
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