Eternal Emeralds

From couture to bridal, here are nine handpicked jewellery pieces enriched with emeralds.

Emeralds with their intense green hue have enchanted the world for centuries. Known as the ‘Jewel of Kings’, it has been favoured by royalty by the likes of Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth II, the Mughal emperors and Indian maharajahs and maharanis dressed, who adorned themselves with jewellery flush with emeralds!

It is said that good quality emeralds are 20 times rarer than diamonds. The stone with its soothing colour has held a pride of place in different cultures across the globe. Even today, the gemstone in all its glorious hues continues to command the gem world.

“Emeralds are a soft gem so they were traditionally used in occasion or bridalwear, however nowadays it is trending to even wearing it on a daily basis,” shares Biren Vaidya, Managing Director, the Rose Group of Companies.

Vaidya adds that emeralds have an aspirational value and a sense of luxury. “The younger generation is also recognising the value of investing in gemstones such as emeralds and not just diamonds” states Vaidya, whose jewellery brand is known for using the choiciest gems for their collections. 

The stone is at the top of every jewellery designer’s gem list. Vishal Kothari, founder of VAK Jewels, shares that emeralds are one of his favourite gemstones. “Emeralds are a rare amalgam of elegance, exuberance brilliance and theatre. When mixed with portrait cut and rosecut diamonds they look sublime,” notes Kothari.

Here are some drool-worthy emerald pieces:

Art Deco Elegance

An amalgamation of vivid color – octagonal Zambian emeralds, emerald beads, brilliant-cut diamonds and black onyx accents, all come together in this Art Deco-inspired bracelet. By Rose

Flower Power

The statement cocktail ring has five emerald petals showcasing the hypnotic beauty of the stones, with a centre studded with brilliant-cut diamonds. By Rose

Traditional Splendour

Uncut diamonds and round diamonds form the silhouette of the carved pear-shaped emerald earrings. By Falguni Mehta

Step It Up With Emeralds

A playful, contemporary pair of 22-karat gold and emerald earrings, featuring Gemfields Zambian emeralds. By Margery Hirschey x Gemfields

Mystical Charm

The platinum ring is populated with 263 round white diamonds nestled close to the intensely coloured, Gemfields Zambian cabochon emerald from the Colours of Love Platinum Cabochon Emerald Halo Ring. By Fabergé

Jewelled Epitome

The long dual tasselled necklace with beautifully graded natural Zambian emerald beads is clasped by a regal pendant set with cut and carved emeralds as well as rosecut, flat-cut and brilliant-cut diamonds. By Umrao Jewels

Subtle Glamour

Modern and edgy emerald and diamond baguette enfolded ear studs created in platinum. By Goshwara

Intense Allure

A pair of natural Zambian cushion-cut emeralds form the centre of the floral studs set with rose-cut and brilliant-cut diamonds. By Umrao Jewels

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