Gem-A’s Journal Of Gemmology Spotlights Spinel From Tajikistan’s Pamir Mountains

The Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A) has launched the latest issue of its academic publication, The Journal of Gemmology (Volume 38, No. 2). This issue contains news and research from the international gemmological community, including a cover article dedicated to spinel from the Pamir Mountains in Tajikistan.

Further feature articles include a discussion of the “marketing myth” surrounding the ancient Egyptian queen Cleopatra and her links to emerald mining, which was apparently promulgated by a 19th century London-based jeweller. In addition, the issue contains detailed articles on daylight-fluorescent hyalite opal from Erongo, Namibia, and blue gahnite from Nigeria.

Editor-in-chief, Brendan Laurs FGA, said: “This issue of The Journal provides the latest research on a variety of topics spanning gem characterisation, cause of colour, fluorescence phenomena, historical insights and more. For many decades, readers worldwide have relied on The Journal as a primary source of high-quality gemmological information”. In addition to feature articles, each issue of The Journal of Gemmology contains a Gem Notes section providing brief reports on items of gemmological interest from around the world. In this issue, readers can explore blue sapphires reportedly from Kashmir, the gota de aceite phenomenon in an emerald from Afghanistan (not Colombia), chromium-bearing translucent green common opal reportedly from Peru, the record-setting Serendipity star sapphire aggregate discovered in Sri Lanka, and much more.

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