GIA To Host Largest In-Person Career Fair In Carlsbad

Gemological Institute of America (GIA) will host the largest Career Fair in the gem and jewellery industry in Carlsbad, California on 30th September, aimed at new talent and those looking for advancement. Attendees can look forward to a captivating keynote and panel, to receiving career coaching, and networking directly with recruiters from major brands with positions to fill.

Susan Jacques, GIA President and CEO, said, “Career Fair – Powered by GIA creates a unique space where you can seek opportunities that match your skills and propel your career. Whether you have sales, education, IT or bench jewellery skills, there is something for everyone with amazing companies looking for talent. The networking connections which will be made with career coaches, recruiters, industry leaders and other attendees can be pivotal in career growth.”

The day kicks-off with keynote speaker Mark Buntz, GIA Senior VP and Chief Marketing Officer, who will share personal insights about the storytelling and passion that makes a career in this industry so alluring. Having come from a sports background and transitioning into this scintillating industry, he brings a unique perspective. Recruiting and career coaching will follow, allowing attendees to explore opportunities and get advice on how to stand out amongst applicants.

The day closes with GIA VP of Business Development Richard Pesqueira, moderating a panel of luminary industry professionals that will explore the State of the Industry. Attendees will hear from Mark Smelzer, Chief Content Executive at Jewelers Mutual; Taylor Burgess, Senior Vice President of Customer Experience at Stuller; and Kathy Mizani, Senior Category Manager of Fine Jewelry at eBay.  

This is the one day out of the year where the public can explore GIA’s educational offerings and see classroom demonstrations of Bench Jewellery, Computer-Aided Design, Gemmology, Jewellery Design, Research and Production.

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