GJEPC made us realise that Coloured Gemstones can be sold digitally!

IIJS Virtual has been an eyeopener for many in the coloured gemstone sector. Manufacturers believed that coloured gemstones need to be seen and touched prior to being bought. But IIJS Virtual has proved many wrong, and they are now accepting what they have not experienced till date.

Speaking about his experience at IIJS Virtual 2020 Ankit Khandelwal from Shree Nath Gems, said, “Coloured gemstones can be sold digitally. I think this would be the new normal. We did not know people would actually buy coloured gemstones online. This is one thing that GJPEC has taught us through IIJS Virtual.”

“Indian buyers are looking for ruby, emerald, sapphire, etc, but in different shapes and cuts – not the regular stuff.”

Shree Nath Gems

Khandelwal said, “Visitors are not looking to buy on their first visit, but they are checking out new suppliers. They are looking for new stuff. May be, they will not buy on the first day, but perhaps on the last day, or after the show gets over, we may convert them into our customers. As of now, I have 2 or 3 meetings per day. It’s great to get in touch with new customers.”

“The online experience is a new thing for both exhibitors and buyers. Visitors are adding products in their wish list and they are enquiring about it. I had three meetings on the first day, and buyers are evincing interest.”

And are they asking for certified stones?

“Certification is only needed for high-end stones. Indian customers use regular gemstones starting from Rs. 100 per carat to Rs. 2000 per carat. It is the trust factor that comes into play in this range.”

Talking about whether the Virtual platform will work for the coloured gemstone sector, Aditya Jain from Gems Park, a retailer and wholesalers of emeralds, said, “It a new experience, so commenting on it would be premature. But given the conditions we are facing right now, this is the best GJEPC could do. I do not think there is any problem with the virtual shows. There is a huge scope to introduce innovative technology to showcase products “realistically”. This could be the future.”

“Developing the platform for IIJS Virtual and adding the required features to make it more realistic is wonderful. GJEPC’s team has done an amazing job. The tutorials and videos provided by GJEPC were very helpful. And specially the onsite team guided us at every step. If there was any problem, the team was quick to address it.”

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