GJEPC’s First-ever Member Outreach Initiative, GJEPC Connect, Debuts In Mumbai

GJEPC held a power-packed member outreach programme, titled GJEPC Connect, in Mumbai on 25th May to increase awareness about the various initiatives that it undertakes to facilitate business and trade.

Attended by 120+ guests, the evening witnessed a presentation on Assessments and Audit under GST by Advocate Supreme Kothari and Deputy Director, EIA – Mumbai Mr. Vivek R. Bidwai shed light on the Certificate of Origin applications for exports from India under the India-UAE Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (India-UAE CEPA)

The event also had a lively open house with members moderated by Mr. Sabyasachi Ray, Executive Director, GJEPC. The panellists were Mr. C.P. Chauhan, Mr. Colin Shah, and Mr. Mansukh Kothari, Convener, Events, GJEPC.

Mr. C.P. Chauhan, Jt. Development Commissioner, SEEPZ, talking about the developments taking place in the SEZ and on the policy front, said, “You will see a completely new SEEPZ in the next 3 to 5 years. We are not only building the Mega CFC for the Jewellery sector but we are planning to transform SEEPZ with building new infrastructure and upgrading the old facilities. The upcoming SEZ policy will also reflect the shifting focus from earning of foreign exchange to generating employment and creating a more self-reliant India.”

Talking about the potential of lab-grown diamonds Mr. C.P. Chauhan, further said, “The lab-grown diamond section will play an important role in earning foreign currency for our country, because complete activity starting from generating seeds, manufacturing machines, production of lab-grown rough, cutting and polishing will happen in India which will be exported to foreign countries.”

Talking about the initiative “GJEPC Connect” Mr. Colin Shah, Chairman, GJEPC said, “We have close to 8000 members from across the country, and this initiative we have started from Mumbai, will be held in other parts of the country as well. It’s an effort to communicate to our members in an effective and timely manner about everything that GJEPC is doing. This platform would be used to make the members aware of the initiatives taken in the immediate past and get feedback from them as to what GJEPC could be doing better.”

Commenting on how GJEPC has cooperated with the Govt. successfully for bringing policy reforms for the sector, Colin Shah further said, “I believe that if we approach the Govt. with concerns that are in the larger interest of the nation, to boost exports, and not just for individual profit, then it’s easy, as everybody even the Govt. gets involved in finding a solution for it. Hallmarking, and Gold Monetization are the best examples of this.”

Talking about the upcoming events of the Council, Mansukh Kothari, Convener, Events, GJEPC said, “We are coming up with a new programme for our new generation who have joined our industry. Most of them are well educated from abroad and have new ideas to take our sector to new level. We want to do this programme along with the IIJS Premiere where we will bring everybody on one platform to share their knowledge.”

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