Gold Takes Centre Stage

Bridal jewellery is expected to be the top selling category at IIJS Premiere 2021. The pent-up demand for jewellery is ready to soar in the coming months as many consumers have pushed their previously planned weddings to the current year.

With Bengaluru being the host city for the Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council’s leading trade show, there is an added spotlight on the yellow metal that is much loved in Southern India.

Exhibitors are presenting innovative designs while highlighting India’s rich legacy of intricate craftsmanship in filigree, beadwork, meenakari and more. The pieces are encrusted with a smattering of diamonds, polkis and gemstones to enhance the appeal of the overall piece. Here are a few statement necklaces to get the gold frenzy going.

The antique finish 22-karat gold necklace displays a unique composition of carved florets and temple structures articulated with granulation and filigree work. The piece is further lined with bezel-set gems. The earrings mimic the design elements of the necklace. By Mehta Gold

Laser cut rose gold bangles dotted with shiny cutting beads. By Krown Jewels
SK Seth Jewellers
The gorgeous 22-karat gold choker is decorated with a sculptural composition of repoussed florets and vines. By SK Seth Jewellers
The 22-karat striking bib is highlighted partially with Benaras meenakari bordered by rows of leafy polkis and an etched gold stem. The choker extends into a bib with dense textured floral bed adorned with pearls, and fringes of emerald and ruby beads. By Anand Shah
A handcrafted 22-karat gold bib shows off intricate detailing of openwork motifs. By Senco Gold & Diamonds
The unique fan-shaped 22-karat gold choker features textured elements, including filigreed scrolls. The highlight of the choker is a central openwork motif which is patterned with oval bezel-set polkis. By N. M. Karel & Sons
The long yellow gold necklace articulated in 22-karat gold is composed of textured paisleys accented with bezel-set rubies. It features an intricate circular pendant garnished with bezel-set rubies and emeralds is topped with two engraved peacocks. By MRK Gold
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