IGI Appoints John Pollard As Head of Education

The International Gemological Institute (IGI) has named John Pollard Senior Director of Education. In this newly created role, Pollard will oversee and expand the institute’s educational offerings and diploma programmes, currently taught at 14 schools of gemmology around the world, including a wide array of gemstone grading and jewellery design courses, interactive e-learning and instructional seminars and webinars.

“I am pleased that John is taking on this important role,” said Roland Lorie, IGI CEO. “At IGI we have always felt a responsibility to provide proper gemmological education to all who choose to enter this field. Only then can we have a strong industry, trusted by consumers. For over 40 years we have educated tens of thousands of people and we intend to continue reaching more people in more places, increasing knowledge and confidence among professionals and consumers alike.”

Pollard has been collaborating on projects with IGI for more than a decade. In 2020 he began designing curriculum and training for an increasing number of the institute’s clients, including leading luxury brands. He has been a regular consultant for diamond producers, sellers, and grading laboratories, domestic and overseas, and has instructed educational seminars at JCK Las Vegas, the American Gem Society Conclave, the Gemological Institute of America Alumni Association, and IGI trade conferences in Beijing and Shanghai, China. Since 2005 he has been educating industry professionals and consumers alike, holding management roles with companies in both traditional and e-commerce sectors, and recently serving as Director of Education for PriceScope.com. A former Texas public school educator, Pollard holds degrees in education, gemmology and music.

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