IGI New York Aims To Be Carbon-neutral By 2022

The New York office of the International Gemological Institute (IGI) aims to become the first gemmological laboratory to be carbon-neutral certified. In partnership with SCS Global Services, the IGI’s US presence will actively work to offset its carbon emissions by 2022 and achieve carbon-neutral certification.

“Our environment is an interdependent system where everyone has a role to play, and I am proud of the Institute stepping up and enacting real change,” said IGI North America President Avi Levy. “While we are pioneering the practice in our sector, we look forward to others joining us in our environmental stewardship.”

After analysing the Institute’s greenhouse gas emissions from June 2020 to May 2021, IGI New York and SCS Global Services will devise an action plan that will solidify a strategy and timeline. Once confirmed, IGI New York will commit to purchasing and retiring carbon offsets to mitigate the greenhouse gas impact. On completing its assessment, SCS will validate the Institute’s carbon-neutral certification, which the lab plans to renew annually.

“For six months, IGI New York will be closely engaged with SCS to learn about our operations and how to effectively become a green location,” continued Levy. “Securing carbon offsets reinvests in the future of our community and our planet.”

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