IGJS Dubai Hits The Right Note!

The International Gem & Jewellery Show (IGJS) held in Dubai has proved to be a morale booster, eliciting positive feedback from participants. Here’s what some exhibitors shared on day one of the show.

A palpable sense of optimism pervaded the buzzing aisles of the International Gem & Jewellery Show (IGJS), the specially curated jewellery trade show organised by GJEPC in Dubai from 11th-13th October. The 60-plus exhibitors, among the best jewellery from India, have tailored their merchandise exclusively for international buyers. Exhibitor reactions to the show have been unanimously positive.

K. Srinivasan, Managing Director, Emerald Jewel Industry India, remarked that he was overwhelmed by the response at IGJS. “Overall, markets are picking up and customers appreciating our new developments. As an organisation we are elevating our products with the correct mix of technology. The market is shifting towards bigger looks with lesser gold weight. Essentially, our team works closely with our overseas clients to co-create lines; this helps us keep a track of the region-wise trends to serve them better. Each of our products is hand-picked for the market needs,” he explained, adding, “We see UAE as a huge potential market, and we have also got decent leads from across several countries which we are sure we will be able to convert.”

A visitor checking out a triple-drop diamond earring against the light.

Ashish Sand, Partner and Co-founder, Savio Jewellery, Jaipur, shared that their company was getting plenty of buyers (repeaters and new) from the Gulf region as well as from the UK, USA and Russia. “Thanks to the previously held IIJS Virtual shows by GJEPC, we could connect with overseas buyers, and we had already done the spade work. That exercise has proved to be very useful for us. We are having a great show and we are hoping the momentum continues for the next two days.”

A floral diamond pendant necklace set with a 22.75-carat natural Burmese sapphire by Manoj Ornaments.

Suvankar Sen, Executive Director, Senco Gold and Diamonds, Kolkata,  stated, “We are communicating regularly and keeping a close track of what our buyers want. Globally, consumers are sourcing one-off pieces that are larger than life, and bring the spirit of joy. So, certain designs by Senco have been created in accordance with that trend. However, some buyers are opting for modern designs that are light in weight and budget-friendly. We are receiving a good response from buyers, especially from the Middle Eastern countries, who are in a positive mood to buy gold jewellery. This is a morale booster for the trade in general.”

His Excellency (right) Pavan Kapoor closely observing a premium bracelet at an exhibitor’s booth.

Tanvirkumar & Co, Mumbai, is known for its premium diamond, gemstone and pearl lines that are exported across global markets. Director Milan Choskhi remarked, “The first day was busy and we had some good meetings and got some orders as well. We carried jewellery lines that were relevant for a global audience and we met a number of people from 4 or 5 different countries. We hope to see some more buyers on the second and third day of the show.”

Diamond ear studs graced with cabochon corals by Wondercuts.

Most exhibitors exclaimed that the Council had done an exceptional job in organising and bringing large numbers of international buyers for the event. One such IGJS participant is Roshiel Himanshu Zaveri, Director, Wondercuts. He commented, “There are very few buyers who are looking for couture jewellery. Most of them are interested in generic diamond and gold jewellery. We as a brand have been doing extensive research on market trends and consumer behaviour, and digital media has helped us to adapt to their needs. We have been catering to all age groups and occasions, so we have a variety of delicate and statement signature pieces. At IGJS, we have been getting buyers from the Middle East market, and a few retail owners from Dubai itself. Buyers are looking for price point pieces that keep their stores busy through the day, and signature bridal jewellery.”

A buyer examining a diamond bracelet.

Manoj Jain, Owner, Manoj Ornaments, Mumbai, revealed that he stayed connected with international buyers through virtual platforms and since they have an office in Dubai. “It was easy to fulfil orders from the US as they were aware of our product and finish. There were practical problems because no one could travel and there were no shows happening … business was down to 70%, and now, it has risen to nearly 130%.

“We had a busy morning at IGJS on Day one. Hoping for the best for the subsequent days. Since we have buyers from over 30 countries, they are seeking a variety of products as per their customer requirements. Some buyers want low quality diamonds set in jewellery, while others are demanding high quality. We got a lot of buyers from Uzbekistan, and some from Morocco and Brazil.”

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