IIJS Signature Has Helped Us Navigate Global Markets: Prakash Dhanak

PRAKASH DHANAK, Director, Vijay Exports, explains how the IIJS platform has helped the company expand its presence on foreign shores.

Could you tell us more about how big your company.

Vijay Exports embarked on its journey through Shyamaldas Dhanak’s visionary venture in Savli, near Baroda, marking a significant genesis for the Dhanak legacy. In the 60s, my father Babubhai Dhanak expanded the business to Mumbai, fostering handmade jewellery manufacturing at Vijay Exports.

In 1975, we moved the business to Bahrain but returned in 1990 amid the Gulf War. In 1991, my father and I inaugurated a mechanised chain unit, and in 2001, we ventured into uncut and rose cut diamond jewellery, expanding globally by 2002.

By 2010, I had led significant projects with trusted corporate giants. Our company now boasts a team of over 400. Thriving on goodwill and creativity, Vijay Exports champions Indian craftsmanship and the economy while nurturing staff growth in a safe environment.

Prakash Dhanak

What are your expectations from participating in the IIJS Signature 2023, and how do you plan to make the most of this opportunity?  

Participating in IIJS Signature 2023 presents a prime opportunity for us to unveil our latest product innovations, engage with established and potential clientele from tier 2 and 3 cities, and showcase our expertise in rose cut and uncut diamond jewellery.

How do you perceive the current market scenario and what opportunities and challenges do you see? 

The current market dynamics present promising opportunities for our company in the robust acceptance of rose cut and uncut diamond jewellery. However, challenges arise from market fluctuations and disruptive innovations, that require agile strategies to be adopted.

How  long have you been associated with the IIJS brand and how it helped you grow your export business?  

Vijay Exports’ enduring association with IIJS since 2004 has been instrumental in the company’s evolution. The IIJS brand has helped us with brand exposure, product launches, and market expansion strategies.  By engaging with a global clientele, networking with buyers, and presenting our latest innovations on such a prestigious platform, IIJS has played a crucial role in expanding our international reach and enhancing our export business.

How many collections do you bring out in a year? For Signature, which are the collections that your company will unveil? 

Vijay Exports typically introduces 4 to 5 collections annually, showcasing a diverse range of jewellery designs that is carefully curated through rigorous market research and analysis by Shweta Dhanak and her team. However, we prefer to maintain an element of surprise and exclusivity. We want the attendees to experience our latest collections first-hand at IIJS Signature. We believe in presenting a curated and captivating display at the event, offering visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the richness of our creations.

What kinds of crafts are you promoting through your collections? 

The company is dedicated to celebrating the artistry of intricate design, infusing each piece of jewellery with a unique narrative idealised by Shweta Dhanak. Behind every exquisite creation lies the meticulous craftsmanship of skilled artisans, crafting pieces in varying gold karats. These artisans masterfully blend a diverse selection of gemstones alongside the brilliance of rosecut and uncut diamonds. Each piece stands comes to life with careful fusion of artistry and expertise, thus encapsulating a captivating story.

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