IIJS Pivotal To Our Company’s Growth: Ansaa Jewellers

Founded in 1997 by Kantilal Shah, Ansaa Jewellers is a distinguished brand known for its antique gold designs. Specialising in Indian contemporary, antique studded, and couture jewellery, the 30-member team is dedicated to crafting intricately designed, award-winning pieces. Shah shares his thoughts about how participating in IIJS has shaped the trajectory of the company’s future.

What are your expectations for participating in IIJS Signature 2024, and what strategies do you have in place to maximize this opportunity?

Our expectations are high this time and we are aiming to capitalise on the show. To ensure maximum impact, we have strategised on attractive booth design; we will be presenting a diverse range of products with well-rehearsed product pitches; follow up post-event with tailored messages and seek buyer feedback for further improvement.

Through these strategies, Ansaa Jewellers aims to optimise its IIJS Signature 2024 participation, elevating brand exposure and unlocking potential business prospects.

In what ways has the association with IIJS contributed to the growth of your company?

Participating in the IIJS exhibition has been instrumental in Ansaa Jewellers’ growth. The exhibition widened our reach, exposing our brand to industry professionals and potential customers, significantly boosting awareness.

It helped us connect with key industry players, paving the way for increased business prospects.

IIJS insights on industry trends and customer preferences has empowered us to refine our products, driving tailored offerings and business success. In turn, it has boosted our sales and revenue.

How would you describe the current market scenario, and what opportunities do you foresee?

The gold market in India holds significant global stature, with cultural importance in the country’s traditions. India’s dominant gold consumption, especially in jewellery, forecasts a promising trajectory, offering growth prospects for us.

Despite economic fluctuations, gold jewellery remains a preferred investment and fashion choice in India. This sustained demand presents a favourable market for our company.

Modern consumers seek unique, personalised jewellery, and cater to this trend by offering innovative, customized designs. Also, weddings drive substantial gold jewellery purchases, and we capitalize by offering diverse bridal collections.

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Has your participation in IIJS played a role in the expansion of your export business?

Absolutely! IIJS has been pivotal in expanding our jewellery business. Being the premier trade show event in India, it draws global buyers and exhibitors, offering an ideal stage for companies like ours to exhibit designs, widen our clientele, and forge new industry bonds.

Could you shed light on the number of collections your company introduces annually? Specifically, for IIJS Signature, which collections can we anticipate from your company?

At IIJS Signature, we will present an array of collections:

antique gold studded jewellery, couture and bridal jewellery, seasonal collections, and versatile jewellery for all occasions.

What types of crafts are being emphasized and promoted through your collections?

We prioritise and champion the craftsmanship behind our jewellery collections, in fact it is the foundation of our process, adding immense value to our creations.

Our antique collection showcases well-crafted designs, each piece refurbished to retain its antique charm while embracing contemporary wearability. Our couture line employs crafts like kundan, meenakari, and hand-painted metalwork, all executed by skilled artisans.

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