Innovations in Design: How Araya Has Captivated the GCC Clientele

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Discover the secrets behind Araya’s success and its strong GCC client base. SIDHANT KOTHARI, Founder of Araya Fine Jewelry, Dubai, shares how innovation and staying true to their brand ethos have propelled the niche brand to prominence in a competitive market.

What’s the success formula of brand Araya, any innovations that has led to such strong GCC client base?

I think the key is to stay focused, build a niche brand with a strong positioning in a busy competitive environment. We aim to be known for something that speaks to our strengths.

Even when we launched Araya in 2017, we kept in mind our strengths and our design prowess in mind, staying true to our brand and our colours. Moreover, we have consistently participated in exhibitions, regardless of their outcome, because consistency is key.

We’ve kept the international jewellery collector in mind – someone who wants classic designs that are also unique and make a statement.

Can you elaborate on the specific measures you have implemented in designs catering to MENA market?

In order to stay true to our brand ethos, we have designer lines for daily wear, statement piece, or bridal —  and these collections end up being unique.

How the designer stays inspired and keeps their designs fresh and innovative in the competitive diamond jewellery market?

None of our designs are really nature-inspired. We like to call it modern art. What inspires us is employing new techniques, experimenting with new materials, making detachable pieces … that’s what keeps us inspired.

The 18-karat white gold ring with an oval 2.05-carat ruby in the centre is framed with black enamelled border and flanked by trillion-cut diamonds. By Araya Fine Jewelry

Can you discuss the designer’s process for sourcing ethically and sustainably produced diamonds and materials for your jewellery creations?

We’re lucky to source our diamonds from family businesses such as KGK and KP Sanghvi. This ensures that all our stones come from leading global miners and are expertly cut in-house. This meticulous process provides us, and our designers, with peace of mind, allowing us to maintain both the design excellence and integrity of our brand.

Just because of the market demand and commercial considerations, we will not compromise our values for the sake of sales. It is of utmost importance for us to stay true to our brand DNA. As I mentioned before, critical design, unique techniques, and our signature elements are always essential.

Our signature elements are the unique shapes and the modern designs that we’re able to craft. I believe people can easily identify an Araya piece without any stamp on it. So, the distinctive use of diamonds and emeralds has become a hallmark, our signature, of Araya’s style, especially the use of diamond shield cuts. Also, our enamelling techniques that have helped build Araya’s identity further.

On model: Pendant earrings fashioned with pear-cut emeralds bordered with rose cut diamonds; rings set with fancy-cut diamonds. By Araya Fine Jewelry

How does the designer engage with their clientele to understand their preferences and ensure their Fine Jewellery designs resonate with customers?

This aspect holds significant importance, particularly during exhibitions and shows where we engage with clients individually. Constructive criticism and feedback from clients are invaluable for our growth. Actively listening to and valuing the input of our loyal clients is crucial, as it provides opportunities for innovation and improvement.

Complacency halts innovation, so we continually challenge ourselves to seek feedback from clients and cultivate a community of partners associated with Natural Diamond Council. Together, we prioritize the significance of natural diamonds and convey their message worldwide.

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