Kiran Gems Sends Care Packages To Flood-hit Konkan Towns

Kiran Gems has stepped up to help rebuild the lives of people in the flood-affected towns of Chiplun and Mahad in the Konkan region in southern Maharashtra.

The Kokan region has been devastated by continuous heavy rainfall since 20th July, 2021. The situation was compounded by high tides that caused many areas to be submerged, causing damage to the property and livelihood of people there.

Dinesh Lakhani, Director, Kiran Gems appealed for wider support to the stranded flood victims. He said, “Let’s all get together and show our unified strength for the people in flooded areas of Kokan. Pray for everyone in distress.”

Rajesh Lakhani, Director, Kiran Gems, added, “We firmly believe that business should never be separated from society, they exist for each other. It is the core of our company philosophy which gives equal importance to people, planet and profit.”

Kiran Gems has dispatched trucks with essential kits containing a total of 16 items, including emergency rations and crucial items required for immediate sustenance, such as biscuits, water, footwear, clothes, warm blankets, towels, candles, matchboxes and cleaning essentials among others.

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