Launch Alert: Assael’s Pearl & Diamond Jewellery Leave A Lasting Impression

Assael, North America’s renowned brand known for its jewellery set with South Sea and Akoya pearls and Precious Coral, unveiled  iconic designer pieces, at Bejeweled Ball, an event organised by Neiman Marcus.

Assael showcased some extraordinary pearl and diamond jewellery during the Neiman Marcus’ invitation-only inaugural Bejeweled Ball event held in Dallas.

The clean and modern design for which Assael has become known resonates with Neiman’s customers, both for its wearability and for its fashion longevity.

“Our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations and create lasting connections through unforgettable moments that only Neiman Marcus can deliver,” said Ryan Ross, President of Neiman Marcus and Head of NMG Customer Insights. “The Bejeweled Ball is an opportunity to delight our most engaged customers by partnering with the world’s most desired brands to offer truly unique experiences and exclusive access.”

Riviere South Sea cultured pearl and brilliant-cut diamond platinum necklace. By Assael
Neiman Marcus first introduced the Bejeweled catalogue in 2012, featuring extraordinary jewels from top luxury jewellery brands. Since then, it has become the most elevated print vehicle in the jewellery industry, holding a strong reputation for curation, photography, styling, and luxury.
Assael was one of the six iconic brands chosen to showcase at the event that  also featured jewels by Bayco, Boucheron, Chopard, Margot McKinney, and Paul Fisher.
Peggy Grosz, Creative Director and Senior Vice President, Assael, noted, “Lustre and brilliance are completely different and can create dimension when combined. The lustre of pearls is made more obvious next to the brilliance of diamonds and vice versa. Together, they are elegant in a way that no two other gems are.”
From left: The Jabot platinum pin with four drop South Sea cultured pearls & diamonds; The Jabot platinum pin with four oval pearls and diamonds; the Jabot pin crafted in platinum is adorned with four Tahitian natural colour cultured drop pearls & diamonds. By Assael

Grosz added, “The resurgence of pearls and diamonds as a trend was inevitable. The fashion ‘pendulum’ swings from one extreme to the other. Pearls with diamonds have enjoyed many long periods of popularity, and we were bound to see the duo rise in popularity again. Additionally, the two play off each other beautifully, one with a softer, understated glow, the other with scintillation and brilliance.

“Throughout history, royalty, celebrities, and fashion connoisseurs have chosen pearls with diamonds because of the beauty, freshness, and ‘play’ that the two gems have when worn together,” she noted.

Angel Skin coral necklace with a platinum/18-karat white gold clasp featuring 72 diamonds.
According to a recent article in The New York Times, “brides – and – grooms are clamouring to incorporate pearls into their wedding looks in modern ways.”
Pearls add the sense of tradition that today’s brides want, while new designs offer contemporary styling that feels novel, fun, and heightened.
Grosz explained, “Brides traditionally wear white, so white pearls are, and always have been, a natural fit. Diamonds elevate a finished pearl piece, speaking to the special nature of a wedding ceremony.
“Pearl and diamond combos make the perfect accessory for such special occasion attire. The diamonds add a pop of opulence, while the pearls feel like a throw-back nod to the days of Coco Chanel herself who popularized the LBD in the roaring 20s a century ago.”

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