Launch Alert: Glamorous Movál Lines & Divine Asmani Charms

Rahaminov Diamonds Updates Movál Line

Rahaminov Diamonds will launch its updated signature Movál® diamond collection at the upcoming Centurion Jewelry Show in Phoenix, Arizona (29th Jan-2nd Feb 2022).

The new pieces include line necklaces, bracelets and spiral rings dotted with three Movál diamonds and an assortment of classic engagement rings, along with an updated cut to the diamonds. The brand worked to improve the diamond proportions and faceting; maximise the fire and brilliance, while minimising each diamond’s bowtie.

Sparkling floral earrings in white gold from the Movál line by Rahaminov Diamonds.

“We are so proud of this exquisite, truly one-of-a-kind diamond. Each is custom-cut and designed with love by our team. To be able to expand and improve on it is an exciting time for our business,” says Amir Goldfiner, co-owner of Rahaminov Diamonds. The brand has, most recently, expanded into coloured stones and diamonds.

The spiral Movál yellow gold ring by Rahaminov Diamonds.

The Movál collection, initially launched in 2016, became an instant hit with clients and was soon after awarded a trademark by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The construction of the Movál pieces features perfectly calibrated diamonds to create the strands, a technically difficult process with fancy-shaped diamonds and even more so with Movál’s elongated shape. “Movál’s elegant shape remains, blending many characteristics of a timeless marquise cut with the soft curves of an oval. Each diamond is sculpted based on the unique features of the rough; no two Movál diamonds are alike.”

Flora Bhattachary’s new Asmani collection

Flora Bhattachary’s new Asmani collection derives its name from the Hindi word that means ‘divine’ and ‘azure’.

Surya studs from the Asmani collection by Flora Bhattachary.

The collection features celestial symbols carved in gold and set against the rich blue of lapis lazuli. The four-piece capsule line is inspired by an assortment of amulets from all over Asia, Iran, Afghanistan, and Egypt/Mesopotamia – all housed in the British Museum.

The Asmani Padma ring by Flora Bhattachary.

“I love the idea of modern designs which continue an ancient tradition of talismans and jewels with a deeper meaning.  I wanted to build on my signature use of carved stone and create an accessible collection that directly references the stars and the heavens, while the rich hues of lapis traditionally symbolise protection,” says the UK-based designer.

Flora’s core collection comprises the cocktail ring, pinky, studs, and pendant. “We are expanding the collection with some diamond designs this year and also producing the line with another gemstone,” she adds.

The Surya pendant from the Asmani collection by Flora Bhattachary.

The lapis lazuli stones, with pretty gold flecks used in the Asmani line, is from mixed origins – Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran. “I love the rich blue and gold flecks in lapis, the natural pyrite appears to create a galaxy within the stone.”

Flora has included three talismans within the Asmani collection’s design: the lotus, the star, and the sun. “I created a modern take on the tradition of amulet protection,” says the fine jeweller. The lapis lazuli carvings are drilled to ensure the pieces can be riveted into position. “This allows the ‘open’ designs of the pendant and studs – and creates a lighter feel more in line with the idea of the ‘heavens’ and the ’sky.’ It was important to me to create something with talismanic qualities, while still doing something new – without re-creating an ancient style,” she adds.

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