The diva loves to indulge in the finer things of life. A die-hard aficionado of diamonds, she writes her own fashion rules… From boudoir to bathtub to lounging about in her luxurious suite, she flaunts diamond jewellery fit for an heiress!

The editorial shoot by Solitaire International has been photographed by Rid Burman and styled by Priyanka Kapadia. Hair and make-up is by Mitesh Rajani and product styling has been done by Nikita Rao.


It’s floral all the way… the gold necklace composed of florets speckled with diamonds suspends a large circular flower pendant shimmering with diamonds. By DHARMANANDAN DIAMONDS; The dressy, openwork rose gold ring is patterned with fancy-cut diamonds. By GEHNA


Gold necklace By DHARMANANDAN DIAMONDS; Rose gold ring By GEHNA


On the breakfast tray: The latticed yellow gold bracelet partially adorned with polkis is centred on a geometric motif dotted with bezel-set diamonds and set with an emerald. By DHARMANANDAN DIAMONDS; A dainty petalled floret articulated with diamonds sits atop the trellised disc ring crafted in 18-karat rose gold. By GEHNA


A stunning assemblage of fancy colour yellow diamonds of various shapes adorn the broad gold bracelet interjected with drop-shaped white diamond motifs. A slim white gold bracelet carpeted with yellow fancy-cut diamonds is fringed with scalloped edging of white diamonds. By P. HIRANI EXPORTS; The two-tone double loop gold earrings lined with diamonds suspend from floral diamond posts, and delicate diamond-studded half-flower motifs add a feminine charm to the danglers. By A’STAR JEWELLERY


Tear-drop white diamond ear studs decorated with petals made of fancy colour yellow diamonds. By PEACEMOON COLLECTION; A layered 18-karat white and rose gold necklace bedecked with diamonds and a tiered rose gold bow ring studded with diamonds, add an extra sparkle to her treasure trove. By GEHNA


Stylised floral ear tops in white gold patterned with fancy-cut diamonds, and a sleek station bracelet featuring elongated octagon motifs, each studded with fancy-shaped diamonds, and topped with an emerald. By MOKSH FINE UNSEEN JEWELS (TANVIRKUMAR & CO)


A statement floral white gold bib festooned with multi-row diamond-lined layers bearing intermittent florets. By A’STAR JEWELLERY,
The white gold ribbed ring is embellished with a motley of fancy-cut diamonds. By MOKSH FINE UNSEEN JEWELS (TANVIRKUMAR & CO)


The rose gold openwork floral ring is encrusted with diamonds. By ROMIL JEWELRY;
The chand balis with floral posts suspend multi-hoops, decorated with rose cuts, baguettes and faceted rubies and ruby beads; The broad bracelet is woven with emeralds and diamonds. By MOKSH FINE UNSEEN JEWELS (TANVIRKUMAR & CO);
The statement rose gold choker is fashioned with drop-shaped motifs illuminated with diamonds. By PEACEMOON COLLECTION;
A showstopper ring crafted in white gold is adorned with white diamonds and fancy colour yellow diamonds. By P. HIRANI EXPORT;
The openwork honeycomb gold bracelet is partially covered with diamonds. By GEHNA


An extremely rare 3-carat Fancy Vivid Orange Yellow pear-shaped diamond
floating among layers of rose cut marquise diamonds; and the 10-carat radiant-cut fancy
yellow diamond is the hero of this classic three-stone diamond ring, flanked by trapeze-cut diamonds on either side. By P. HIRANI EXPORTS


The triangular multi-colour chandelier earrings realised in white gold are patterned
with a combination of pink, blue, green, yellow, and orange fancy colour diamonds interspersed with white diamonds; and the three-stone ring is embellished with yellow and white diamonds. By P. HIRANI EXPORT


The slick stick white gold earrings are set with fancy-cut diamonds and channel-set emerald discs suspending pearls; and the broad three-row emerald bracelet in white gold is spiced up with diamond motifs. BY MOKSH FINE UNSEEN JEWELS (TANVIRKUMAR & CO)


The three-row twisted gold bangle features finials decorated with different diamond- studded motifs. BY GEHNA;
Earrings shaped as organic white gold blooms shimmer with rubies, diamonds and pearls. BR DESIGNS;
The gold ring shaped as a full bloom rose decorated with diamonds. BY A’STAR JEWELLERY


The stunning white gold necklace is composed of curved overlapping leaves encrusted with 1,281 white diamonds. By BR DESIGNS

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