Lucara’s Botswana Mine Yields 692.3-ct Diamond After 1,080-ct Whopper

Vancouver-based diamond miner Lucara Diamond Corp. announced the recovery of a 692.3-carat diamond from its Karowe Diamond Mine located in Botswana.  The diamond, measuring 46.5 x 40.7 x 28.4 mm is described as a Type IIa high white gem, recovered in the MDR XRT unit at Karowe from direct milling of ore sourced from the EM/PK(S) unit of the South Lobe.

The 692.3-carat diamond represents the fourth +300 carat diamond recovered in the year to date and shortly follows on the recovery of the 1,080 carat Type IIa white gem earlier in August.

William Lamb, CEO, Lucara Diamond Corp., said: “The successful track record of delivering some of the world’s largest diamonds continues with the recent recovery of a 692.3-carat diamond. This stone is the 20th diamond larger than 100 carats recovered, during 2023, at Karowe. The recovery of large diamonds from the EM/PK(S) lithology of the South Lobe strongly supports our expectations for the underground project where the majority of material mined will constitute this phase of kimberlite during the first years of underground production.”

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